We just finished the most amazing project for our design heroes, Pencil and Paper Co - and we couldn't wait to share the product we used to make this space happen!

1. One of our favorite multi-purpose pieces of product is the Expand-A-Shelf that we used to hold all the spice jars. It's so versatile, and the clean white lines make it blend in to any space.

2. The spice jars were nothing short of a labor of love. Gen Sohr, of Pencil and Paper Co, wanted a set of matching spices - so there was nothing left to do but transfer every single one to a new jar. And then hand-paint the label of course... As you do.

The Artisan Glass Canisters with Oak Lids were a new one for us, but we love trying new things. We loved how it complimented the baskets and earthiness of the spices.

For the larger jarred items, we opted for glass canisters with lids. We were able to store everything from snacks, to pasta, to cereal in these.

Finally, we used the Water Hyacinth Cubes and Bins for the remainder of the food groupings.

We love answering your questions, so let us know if there's anything about this project we left out!


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