As parents of young children, we are very familiar with toy storage frustrations. How to store them, which way to organize them, and most importantly - how to keep them neat and tidy.

After posting one of our recent playroom projects, someone asked us for suggestions on LEGO storage. So we thought, why not put together some of our tips and tricks. Here are 4 different ways we tend to organize LEGOS:

1) For the die-hard LEGO user, keep each "set" contained in a separate bin. It will eliminate the messy box, but still maintain the function of keeping all set parts together.

 LEGO Toy Storage LEGO Toy Storage

2) Separating LEGOS by color might seem like a very tedious project, but it actually turns into a fun sorting project for kids. Even the youngest kids are able to participate if you label the bin with an image or the appropriate color ink.

 Labeled Toy Lids Labeled Toy Lids

3) If you want to organize by color, but have it be a little broader, we recommend 4 different shades. Neutrals, reds / yellows, blues / greens, pinks / purples. This becomes particularly useful if you have kids who like to play with pink and purples legos versus kids who prefer to build in traditional primary colors.

4) For a simple no-fuss solution - just dump everything into a single bin and call it a day. We firmly believe that containment is key, and being able to easily maintain the system is the priority. So if your kids don't mind combining everything, then keep it easy for yourself!

 Toy Bin Toy Bin

Do you have a method we left out? If so, leave a comment with your suggestions!

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