Organizers can be pretty harsh when it comes to nostalgia. We preach endlessly about holding on to what you love, and letting go of the rest. Are those ticket stubs REALLY that special? And do you REALLY need to keep every piece of artwork your child brings home? In our own homes, we only keep artwork that involves a handprint or a holiday...

Our solution for storing special items has always been a single sentimental box for each person in the family. And recently we came across a new spin on that concept. A company called Savor developed a chic storage solution for keepsakes, and we are kind of obsessed. It has 2 versions: one for school aged children, and one for babies. They come in a set of two and have a variety of colors.

The baby version has compartments for blankies, first teeth, locks of hair, or whatever else you want to include. It's a pretty genius way to store those tiny items that would otherwise get lost. The top drawers are going to have Sutton's first teeth and blankie (when he gives it up!) so I left those empty for now.

The school years version comes with folders and sheets of stickers so that you can label accordingly. You don't have to use every label, just what applies to the items you're storing!

My child has some hoarder tendencies and not only asked the tooth fairy to leave her tooth behind, but also asked her to leave the note behind. But now the tooth AND the note can be in their own "Tooth Fairy" folder, so we're all happy.

For all the items that aren't meant for folders, I still incorporated large sentimental boxes for each child, and one for art projects.

Getting these systems set up at the start of the school year will make it so much easier to file everything away and not get overwhelmed by paper. THE shopping list is below! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!


  1. Savor Keepsake Boxes

  2. Bigso Storage Boxes

  3. Sugar Paper Magazine holder


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