School is back in full swing, and your house is likely a sea of papers and backpacks. To help you streamline all the 1 million items that come in and out of your house on a daily basis, we partnered with Pottery Barn to put together some simple tips.

TIP 1: Map out the week.

Fill out a weekly or monthly calendar with everything from sporting events and after-school practice, to dance recitals and birthday parties. We used this Whiteboard Calendar to map out all the daily activities, and hung in the entryway for high visibility. Keeping your days and weeks organized will help you and your family stay on schedule.

TIP 2: Create a drop-spot.

As kids race in the door, or run down the stairs, it’s helpful to have a place that holds all their daily items. We repurposed the Savannah Recycling Bin to provide a stylish solution to organizing backpacks, lunchboxes, and school papers. The three sections allows you to divide the bin based on your family’s needs, and the clean design makes it a perfect compliment to a room or entry way.

TIP 3: Organize papers.   

The amount of homework, permission slips, and artwork that comes into the house every day can feel endless. Setting-up folders to organize and categorize the stream of school papers helps you stay on top of everything. We like to designate separate folders for each member of the family, general household, and action items that need follow-up. You can use a traditional file sorter, a desktop organizer, or even place hanging files in a bin.

TIP 4: Assemble school supplies.

Pens and markers are really as much for adults as they are for kids. Categorizing everything into a desktop organizer makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, and easy to put it away once you’re done. We love the Bedford Caddy since it holds both small supplies, and large folders and notebooks.  

TIP 5: Set-up a station.

Every household benefits from a central station. Sometimes it’s in the kitchen, or part of the mudroom, and sometimes you have to create one in the entryway. The Wyatt Workspace rolling cart, paired with the Savannah Bin, allowed us to incorporate a spot for incoming mail, school paperwork, backpacks, and even a spot for library books that need returning. This cart is so versatile and can be organized to fit almost any purpose.

Creating organized systems will ultimately make your home run more smoothly, and will alleviate the clutter that crowds your countertops. And if you want to style it like a pro, make sure to add a label to your bins or containers! It gives everything a finished look and serves as a set of instructions for where to find and file your items.  

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