We head to LA 3 or 4 times a year, and each trip has its own version of fun, craziness, 12-hour work days with no sleep, trips to The Container Store, and... my mother. We always stay at my parents house when we're in LA, but THIS time we brought Nick and Sumner. Needless to say it was an adventure for all. Below are some highlights from the trip, and some lowlights from our travel days (insert wide-eyed emoji).

I don't what short straw we picked for this trip, but EVERYONE was strikingly gorgeous and it was annoying to even stand next to them. We looked like bridge trolls and they looked like a snapchat filer in real life. So instead of recapping how beautiful, kind, and generous everyone was (and really..... THEY ALL WERE), we'll stick to the projects!


Vanessa has three hungry kids and a husband that REALLY loves pretzels, so naturally, we wanted to make snacks super accessible while leaving a section just for cooking and baking items. The oxo pop-top containers were perfect for little hands, and big hands alike!

Montauk Bins
Oxo Pop-Top Square Canister
Oxo Pop-Top Large Square Canister
Oxo Pop-Top Rectangular Canister
Bamboo Turntable
Bamboo Double Turntable
Bin Clips
Paint Markers


Rachel is.... everything. Like sunshine and rainbows and Chanel. Her closet is her happy place, and we really wanted to do it justice. Not to mention, it was like climbing Mt Everest and competing in the organizing Olympics, so NO PRESSURE.

Hyacinth Bin
Hyacinth Tray
Bin Clip
Acrylic Purse Organizer
Huggable Hangers
Paint Markers


Marianna is a HUGE beauty blogger and receives 5 boxes of items a DAY. We set-up systems for giveaways, sponsorships, and trial products to help calm the clutter and create an easier environment for her busy life.

Like-It Modular Drawers
Like-it Brick Bins (for inside drawers)
Paint Markers


Abby has been a friend for a long time, but getting to spend time sifting through her closet, was a special occasion. Not only does she have an incredible wardrobe, but we were able to go through her special memories, her collections, and she even served us champagne because she was angling for favorite person ever award (award granted).

Hamptons Bins
Shoe Boxes
High-Heeled Shoe Boxes
Men's Shoe Boxes
Bin Clips
Paint Markers
Huggable Hangers


This is the 5th project we've worked on for Catherine, and the love grows deeper each time. We've spent holidays with this family, and helped their kids with homework - so spending the day at her house is like coming home. This time we were able to organize her daughter Chloe's room. She loves to read, draw, and has a fierce American Girl collection - so we definitely had our work cut out for us.

Hinged-Lid Storage Boxes
Acrylic Stacking Drawers
Premium Sweater Bins
Premium Shirt Bins
Paint Markers

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