It’s Labor Day! Which doesn't really feel like a day off when you have kids... More like an extra hard work day before the start of the work week. But it DOES mark the end of summer! So whether you are packing-up summer supplies until next year, or you plan to soak-up the sun for a few more weeks, here are a few summer storage tips!

Before you get started, designate a spot in your garage, attic, or storage closet for seasonal items. We often store summer items near winter items so that they can be easily swapped out depending on the season.

  • Organize your summer supplies into applicable categories. For instance: Games + Activities, Entertaining, Pool Floats, Outdoor Supplies, etc.

  • Choose stackable bins that fit your space, take advantage of the dimensions, and will comfortably hold all your categories. Make sure to label the bins for easy identification!

  • Just because you have multiple pool floats, doesn’t mean they have to all be inflated at the same time. Always keep an electric pump available so that you easily inflate and deflate as needed. Our favorite is the Sunnylife pump since it's compact and works perfectly with all the pool floats!

  • Keep a weather-resistant cart outside. You can use it to hold food and drinks when you’re entertaining, bins of bubbles and sunscreen for kids, and even turn it into a poolside towel table.

  • Add some storage hooks to accompany the seasonal bins. It’s a perfect way to store sporting equipment, outdoor games, and summer gear.

We're off to throw one last pool party! Links to all the products are below!


Sunnylife Rainbow Pool Float
Sunnylife XL Beach Ball
Sunnylife Cactoss
Sunnylife Underwater Camera
Sunnylife Badminton Set
Black and White Club Chairs
Black and Gray Club Chairs
Striped Umbrella

Patio Canopy
White Storage Cart
Turkish-T Beach Candy Towels
Turkish-T Beach Blankets

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