January feels like a lot of pressure, especially for people like us...the type of people who congratulate themselves on doing the bare minimum.

Basically, we have committed to the #LowBarLifestyle and it's not something we are embarrassed about. It's what gets us through our day. So it should go without saying that we kept our resolutions extremely realistic.

This month, we are focused on finishing our book which is due in March. Within that period, I'm also going to try NOT quitting pilates and Joanna said she is going to give up glitter for me. Like I said, the bar is low.

If your resolution was to become more organized...feel free to start just as small. Don't feel like you need to tackle an entire room to feel accomplished. The faster you see your progress, and how life-changing it is, you will be more likely to move on to the next project.

The good news is any project, big or small, requires the exact same steps. Here's a quick rundown before we get more specific:

STEP 1: Remove Everything

The space should be completely empty when you are done. It might look messy at first (and you might have a panic attack) but trust us, this is where the magic happens.

STEP 2: Create Groupings

Start by arranging ALL of the items in front of you into categories. You may be tempted to skip this step but IT'S IMPORTANT. Categorizing makes editing visually easier when deciding what you keep, toss, or repurpose, especially if you have any duplicates.

STEP 3: Pare Down

Take a look at the grouped items in front of you. It's judgement day. The harsh truth is that you do not need everything that was in that space. To pare down, ask yourself these questions: 1) Do you NEED it? 2) Do you ever USE it? 3) Do you ever WANT to use it? If the answer is “no” to any of the above, it’s time to ditch or donate. Keep two labeled bins or trash bags close by to keep everything in order.

Drawers and cabinets are a manageable and life-changing place to start. In most cases, this is where clutter begins...and then spills out. To break this habit, it all comes down to creating a system that you can maintain.

Here are some common culprits: 


If a cluttered space is a cluttered mind...then this drawer is going INSANE. A junk drawer is a slippery slope. Most of the time, it only contains items you don't need or have completely forgotten about.

Clearing out your junk drawer gives you an opportunity to make the space functional. Even if the items are random, it makes a huge difference if everything is edited and categorized.

2 Section Tray

3 Section Tray

4 Section Tray

Shallow Drawer Organizer

Deep Drawer Organizer


De-cluttering your makeup drawer or vanity cuts precious time out of your morning routine. Plus, some of your products might be expired. I'm not a beauty blogger so here's a link with those details. 

*We never advise to add products ASAP after an edit but this is a little different. We give you our permission for a Sephora Shame Spiral. You deserve it.

7 Drawer Clear Acrylic Chest

5 Section Cosmetic Organizer

Brush Organizer

3 Drawer Box

Makeup Organizer with Drawer


A well organized medicine cabinet is SO IMPORTANT. During the edit, you are able to toss out expired bottles and take an inventory of what you have or need. It's a win win: a de-cluttered space and the security of knowing you are covered in case of an emergency.

Catch-All Cabinet Organizer

White Storage Basket

Divided Turntable

Glass Canister

Woven Tray


Or anywhere that you keep cleaning supplies. This is often the most forgotten area of the house. Adding some bins and categories makes it it just as pretty as any other cabinet. Plus, it can make doing the dishes a little more tolerable.

Clear Drawer Organizer

Wire Basket

Under Sink Organizer

Acrylic Tray

Handled Storage Basket

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Xo Clea + Joanna

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