As Target’s home organizing experts, we are here to help you keep your organizing resolutions. The good news, is that everything you need for your home (and life?) is at Target. The other good news, is that shopping at Target counts as cardio. Pushing a cart AND lifting containers is kind of like two resolutions in one - YOU’RE WELCOME.

For our organizing tutorial, we picked our favorite items to style a variety of spaces: The pantry, linen closet, and toy closet. Our goal was to create stylish and functional systems with product that is versatile for the entire home. You can mix and match, and move the pieces from one space to the next.

Here's a look at the THREE spaces we organized + our product suggestions and tips for each! 

OH...before we begin, here's a quick peek behind-the-scenes. We thought you would like to see how calm, cool, and collected Joanna and I look on the surface.

See? We are trying. It also helps that we are doing the only thing that we effectively do as a pair.

And, here I my best label life.

Can we make that a thing? Living our best label lives? I'm all for it. But we can get back to that later...


TIP #1: Set-up your pantry based on the needs of your household and your lifestyle. Busy people tend to prefer open bins to closed canisters because they are easier to maintain and food is readily accessible.

TIP #2: Keep your food categories as general as possible to ensure that every item will be accounted for. We suggest broad groupings that consist of Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks, Sweets, Cooking, and Baking.

TIP #3: Carve out a few minutes once a week to touch-up each bin, see what you have in stock, and what needs to be replaced. This will not only help you maintain your pantry for the long term, but it will save you time and money at the grocery store.

TIP #4: Whether it’s entertaining supplies, extra appliances, or paper towels - consider which items can be placed on higher shelves to help free-up your most valuable pantry real estate.


Wood Rectangular Milk Crate

Small Wire Basket Milk Crate

Pewter Wire Basket

Wicker Storage Basket

Short Rectangular Wicker Basket

Round Wood Serving Tray

Round Wood Serving Bowl

Geo Accent Rug

Green Glass Canister

Green Canister with Lid


TIP #1: Pick storage solutions that are durable, easily accessible, and easy for little hands to hold.

TIP #2: Make sure you select bins that can accommodate the entire category. For oversized or bulky items like stuffed animals, we recommend using a hamper!

TIP #3: Color-coordinate toys and books to create an intuitive system for children to find what they’re looking for! As a bonus, it turns the clean-up process into a game of color sorting.


Short Rectangular Wicker Basket

Wicker Storage Basket

Small Wire Basket Milk Crate

Pewter Wire Basket

Square Laundry Hamper

Green Glass Canister

Glass Apothecary Jar

Ballerina Pillow

Octopus Pillow

Alligator Pillow

A-Z Bookends


TIP #1: Roll towels instead of folding them to save space! If you don’t have a linen closet, you can always stack rolled towels on a bench or upright in a basket.

TIP #2: To best organize various sets of sheets, we recommend storing each set inside a corresponding pillow case. They stay neatly contained on the shelf and the pillowcase helps you easily identify the set you’re looking for.

TIP #3: Linen closets often double as storage for bath products, medicines, and extra toilet paper. Utilizing bins will help separate your categories and keep your shelves neat and organized.


Round Wicker Basket

Short Rectangular Wicker Basket

Small Wire Basket Milk Crate

Scalloped Gold Tray

Marble Utensil Holder

Marbleized Bathroom Mirror  

Glass Apothecary Jar

Blush Faux Fur Pelt

White Faux Fur Pelt

Square Laundry Hamper

Pink Linework Throw

Solid Sheet Set

Patterned Sheet Set

Towel Set

Sequin Throw Pillow

Pink and Gray Bath Rug

Pink and Gray Wool Rug

P.S: Don't forget the markers and dry erase tape for labeling. ALWAYS an essential! 

Xo Clea + Joanna

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