The Home Edit has OFFICIALLY and FINALLY launched in LA! Even though we basically live in Los Angeles, Nick and Nicole will be taking the reigns as our West Coast team, and we could not be more excited about it (our husbands are most excited about it). In case you're wondering, this duo is just like us: Neurotic, lives life by color-code, and has a penchant for organized pantries.

 Nick and Nicole with their two crazy bosses Nick and Nicole with their two crazy bosses

To celebrate LA launch, we hosted an event with goop at their storefront at Brentwood Country Mart. If you came, we loved meeting you and thanks for coming out! The Q&A panel, "Design Your Digs", was hosted by Stacey Lindsay, an editor at Goop. We talked everything from how we got started to our top organization tips. Here are some important highlights from the night:

  • There was a lot of champagne

  • Roberta was there and stole the show in a spotted caftan. Afterward, we went to dinner and she asked Danny Masterson to seat us at a table for three. She thought he worked there. He doesn't.

  • Our top tip and takeaway for the night: No one's underwear drawer looks good. We give you full permission to allow it to get jumbled up (just make sure you don't overstuff it since that is still a punishable offense).

Along with a fun talk and q&a sesh, we also put together some of our favorite summer packing tips and actually packed a suitcase to illustrate. And then.......we bought everything we packed. We literally could not help ourselves, it was all too good to pass up (hence my red dress and joanna's green skirt). Move over, Sephora. It's a goop shopping spiral now.

The items we chose for our packing list are all versatile. We aren’t fashion bloggers that need a new outfit each day. We just need something that can be layered, or mix and matched. Seriously. From this point on, Joanna and I will have two uniforms: The Home Edit merch and everything we bought at goop.

Read on to see the items we couldn't resist + 7 tips to help you pack:

TIP #1

Pack interchangeable basics that can be easily mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

TIP #2

Bring a compact laundry bag: Not only will you avoid using the plastic hotel version; you’ll have a place to stash the dirty clothes you’ve already worn. ·

TIP #3

If you plan on checking a bag, fill your carry-on with the crucial pieces you’d rather not risk losing in transit (ahem, phone chargers) and put them into small pouches.

TIP #4

Bring a travel-friendly layer, like a lightweight cardigan, that you can throw on over your shoulders and wear straight off the plane to dinner. ·

TIP #5

A denim jacket is the fail-proof piece that pairs with practically every outfit. Plus, it’s the perfect grab-and-go layer that covers all occasions. ·

TIP #6

When it comes to summer packing, always throw in sandals or flats: 1) They’re versatile, and 2) they’re suitcase-friendly and remarkably lightweight. ·

TIP #7

Travel is both physically and mentally taxing, so remember to take your vitamins! Balls in the Air, in particular, helps us stay on top of our game.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Xo Clea + Joanna

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