If you are new to organizing, a bathroom is a great place to start. Although bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, the categories that live there are pretty clear and generally consistent. You will almost always be organizing your items into these groupings:




Bath + Body

And likely some or all of these additional groupings:



Hair Tools

Cotton Swabs/Rounds



Depending on your space and time constraints, you'll probably end up creating groupings within all these groupings. But the good news is that these extra steps are always optional and you can always fine-tune them later. Let's get started!

Streamline Your Daily Routine

Make your life easier by creating a grab and go system for your morning and nightly routine. It should include any items that you use twice a day without fail: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, contact lenses, skincare products, etc.

In a drawer, use inserts to separate the categories, in the order that you use them. If you have the space, feel free to store the backstock of each item within the drawer to avoid overbuying.

In a medicine cabinet, line the shelves with deeper inserts and store items by category. Just make sure to secure a few dots of museum gel to the bottom of each insert so they stay put.

If you need to store these items in a bin, just make sure that it remains easily accessible and contained by category.

Stack & Store to Maximize Space

One of the most common mistakes we see people making is not taking advantage of vertical space. In a bathroom cabinet, modular stacking storage will maximize usable space and contain your categories so they are easily accessible.

If needed, use inserts within the bin to keep small items from rolling around.

Rethink Under-The-Sink

The space under your sink can be tricky if you have bulky piping, but it doesn't have to be! Add a turntable or set of canisters to create functional storage in this underutilized but valuable space.

Elevate Your Open Shelving

We're all about blending form and function, even in a bathroom. If you have open shelving, take advantage of it by keeping your products accessible while also creating a beautiful display.

Bulky items such as toilet paper and contact solution can be stored in woven or wire baskets that match the bathroom's aesthetic. Prettier items such as your favorite hair products and nail polishes can be stored in clear bins, turntables, and tiered shelving.

To complete the look, color-sort your items in rainbow order and label your categories in THE signature font.

Utilize Floor & Wall Space

A bathroom without drawers or cabinet space can easily lead to a cluttered countertop. By adding wall units, door racks, or freestanding carts, you'll create more storage opportunities that bring functionality and unique design elements to elevate your space.

Remove Original Packaging

Many products that are found in a bathroom come in a box or bag that is extremely awkward to store. To maximize space, it helps to remove items from their original packaging, especially backstock items, and store them within drawer inserts, bins, or canisters. Some examples include tubes of toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, cotton swabs, flossers, tampons, and razors.

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