After revamping the kids playroom upstairs, I was eager to start on my next house project. Call it an occupational hazard… So when GABBY asked if we wanted to partner on a room makeover, I jumped at the chance to reconstruct my living room and reclaim it as an adult space. It’s not like the kids are welcome to hang-out downstairs from time to time...I just strongly encourage them to sit on their own couch and leave my brand new one nice and pristine.

Turns out no one in my house listens to me and they sprawl all over it anyway. I was able to customize the layout for my Abbott Sectional so that it perfectly fits the room and provides so much extra seating for my whole entire family to watch TV even though that wasn’t really the intention. I decided to go with an armless chair on the left side to create a chaise, and then I placed a matching ottoman on the right side to give some flexibility for extend seating anywhere on the couch. The good news is that the fabric I selected (in Rush Smoke), is standing up well to all the daily wear from my kids, house guests, husband, and dog.

To compliment the couch, and to add extra conversational seating, I added two Monroe club chairs. Since the couch is a velvety material, I thought the chairs should be leather to add some textural differences to the room. Both the couch and chairs have metal rivets that tie them together, without making them too matchy-matchy. That’s the technical term, right?

Coordinating throw pillows can be tough in my house because the palette consists of black, white, and 500 shades of gray. So true to form, I went with that color scheme and tried to mix up the fabrics, materials, and shapes of the pillows so that they aren’t all identical. I ended up making some great custom GABBY throw pillows in the Lina Mercury fabric which added some silky textures to the variety. I promise I’m not afraid of color...I just don’t do accent colors. It’s either black and white, or full rainbow. I don’t really know how to do a random green pillow.

Bottom line: My living room looks great and is now even more comfortable. So naturally it’s going to be the favorite spot in the house for all of us. And as long as no one eats, drinks, spills, jumps, soils it… then everyone is welcome.

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