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Gift Guide: For the Least Organized Person You Know

What to gift the person who's allergic to organization this holiday season
Gift Guide: For the Least Organized Person You Know

It’s no secret that we love getting organized and sticking to systems around here, but we know that everyone has that one friend or family member that just doesn’t get it. They’re oblivious of the systems, would rather do anything other than organizing, and put things back in the wrong cabinet or drawer all the time (the horror!). 

Enter: Sumner—our fearless organizing queen turned Product Development Director.  Here, we're tapping Sumner for her expertise to recommend gifts for the least organized person in  your life. Who says you can't treat them to something special, while subliminally helping them to be a little more organized in 2024? It's a win, win in our book.

The Home Edit Book

If you have someone in your life who really needs to start at the beginning, I would look no further than our first book. This lays out our organizing methods in the most simple and digestable terms. Teach a man to fish...

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20 Piece Multipurpose Edit

Any of our Walmart edits make a great gift for the organizational novices and pros alike, but our 20 Piece Multipurpose Edit is the ultimate product edit to jumpstart your organizing journey. The edit includes our most versitle organizing products that can help you make a significant dent in any organizing project.

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P-Touch Cube Label Maker

For the less organizationally-inclined amongst us, staying organized can become overwhelming when there aren't designated spots to put everything back. Labeling is fundamental step in ensuring that you or anyone else in your household can take accontability in putting things away. I love the P-Touch Cube because you can make labels using an app on your phone rather than messing around with the buttons on a labelmaker. It's easier to store than a traditional labelmaker too which is a plus!

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Calpak Pouch Set

Sometimes, you have to bring someone into the light by showing them the impact being organized can have on a high traffic area of their lives. Give someone the gift of purse organization and they will be itching for more! These pouches come in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.

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Trashie Take Bag

In my experience, I have found that many people who allow "stuff" to accumulate often do so because they are worried about where that "stuff" will end up if they get rid of it. By giving a loved one a take back bag, you can ensure them that their clothes are being cleaned out responsibly.

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Woven Medium Bin

Trojan horse the gift of organization by filling our Woven Medium Bin with (useful) goodies and next thing the receipt knows, they've got a beautiful storage basket to use in their home.

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Stripe & Stare Underwear

If we are verging into clear passive-agressive territory, days of the week underwear are a cheeky way to let someone know that they need to get their sh*t together!

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Untie 10" Twistable Ribbons

Cord management is my love language. Cord wraps are a practical but thoughtful stocking stuffer. This is 30!

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Skylight Calendar

For some, it's not (just) the stuff that's disorganized, its the schedule. Time integrity is made easy with the Skylight Calendar which can manage your calendars, lists, and tasks. Don't be the real housewife that shows up 1hr 45 minutes late to a coffee date!

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Contractor Large Trash Bags

At the end of the day, sometimes you have to call a spade a spade and recognize that expert-level organization is not feasible for everyone. At that point, it's time to call in the big guns: contractor bags.

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