After much anticipation, WE'RE OFFICIALLY SELLING PREMADE + CUSTOM LABELS HERE ON THE SITE! With your choice of black or white lettering, our vinyl labels (3.5 x 1.75) feature THE signature font and are removable, reusable, and resistant to water and sunlight.

Each label is sold separately so you can pick the perfect labels for your project. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can create your own under THE Custom Labels (in gold and block letters, too!)

But before you place your order, let's go over the labeling basics we included in THE book. It's not the finishing touch or frosting on the organizational cake—we believe that labeling is actually the secret to long-term maintenance. Just like ROYGBIV is an intuitive blueprint (and is a type of labeling in itself), clearly and concretely identifying the contents that belong in a container gives you, your kids, your partner, your houseguests, and anyone else using the space straightforward directions for where items go.

When it comes to categories, we like to find the sweet spot between the general and the specific. What you want is a simple road map that's flexible enough to allow for the occasional outlier. What you don't want are overly specific categories that lock you in, so you find yourself sticking things wherever and the system starts to fall apart. Here are some examples of general and specific THE labels for various parts of the home:



Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks, Sweets, Baking, Beverage, Cooking, Grains, Backstock


Sugar, Brown Sugar, Flour, Oats, Pasta, Cereal, Chips, Cookies, Dried Fruit, Crackers, Nuts, Spreads, Veggies, Rice, Kids



Face, Body, Hair, Eyes, Nail, Dental, Pharmacy, Towels, Bath


Moisturizer, Shaving, Soap, First-Aid, Makeup, Lip, Hand Towels, Daily, Toilet Paper, Tissues



Shirts, Tanks, Hats, Bags, Pants, Shorts, Sweaters, Pajamas, Seasonal, Shoes, Bras, Underwear, Athletic


Leggings, Heels, Flats, Sneakers, Winter, Summer, Slides, T-Shirts, Lounge, Travel, Swim



Laundry, Cleaning, Utility, Holiday, Tools, Outdoor, Pet, Speciality, Electronics


Clothing Care, Batteries, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween, Floor, Lightbulbs, Manuals, Rags, Sprays, Hardware



Arts + Crafts, Games, Gifts, Projects, Toys


Gift Wrap, To-Do, Inbox, Outbox, School, Bills

Don't forget that in addition to all of our tips, THE book comes with a set of refrigerator labels (handwritten by yours truly!) Grab your copy today!

Xo, Clea + Joanna

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