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I'm sure you're thinking that we are the type of mothers who wake up early, cook a homemade breakfast, and wear real clothes to take our kids to school. So I'm sure this will be shocking news that we are both the type of moms that are startled awake each morning by our children, long before an alarm clock ever stands a chance. And a homemade breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal and a glass of water - we run an organizing company not a restaurant. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, welcome to the #LowBarLifestyle. It's a pleasure to have you join us! Here's the good news: We have a few life hacks to help us make it through the day, and the most important one starts first thing in the morning.

Setting-up a morning ritual doesn't just make the day better, it makes the day possible. And setting up a station around this ritual makes it ALL THE MORE FUN. Whether you call it a fueling station or a beverage bar - it all equals the same thing: My coffee place, is my happy place. And the Keurig® K-Elite™ coffee maker makes it so simple that you can literally make your first cup while your eyes are still half-closed. Which they alwaaaaaaays are, let's be honest. So if you can manage picking up a K-Cup® pod, dropping it into the brewer, and reaching for a cup - you are halfway to happiness.

Here are THREE of our favorite ways to set-up a coffee station: The counter, the drawer, and the cabinet. 


If you have counter space, use it...but use it wisely. If you try to shove too many things within a space, it will defeat it's purpose.

Utilize a tray to display the K-Cup® pods you grab most often (our go-to is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Costa Rica Paraiso™ Coffee), along with a few coffee mugs, next to your Keurig® K-Elite™ coffee maker. If you want to keep the pods categorized, a divided turntable or shallow storage drawers will provide the same easy access. Other items like sweetener packets and stir sticks can be stored in separate canisters. If the sweetener isn't in packets, make sure to include a small spoon that can fit inside.

For coffee grounds, use large labeled canisters to hold the coffee and filters. If you use creamer or almond milk, it helps to set up your station as close to the fridge as possible.


If you don't have room to store items next to your brewer, the closest drawer will work. For a drawer, acrylic dividers provide the best use of space. K-Cup® pods, sugar packets, stir sticks, tea bags, honey, etc. can fit nicely in separate categories.

If the drawer is wide enough, lay a few mugs on their side and store them next to the divider. For loose coffee grounds or sweeteners, use small clear jars and include a spoon for each.

Make sure to measure the height, length, and width of the drawer before buying any storage items. Every single centimeter counts for a drawer, so try to take exact dimensions.


Cabinet storage is all about the grab-and-go. Rule of thumb: You should be able to reach for any item without having to remove another one. The less effort, the better...especially when your eyes are closed like pistachio shells due to lack of sleep.

Place the K-Cup® pods in an transparent jar, right next to the (rainbow!) mugs. This way you'll be able to grab them both at the same time. All the other items like sweeteners, tea packets, stir sticks, coffee grounds, etc. can be stored in labeled canisters.

PRO TIP: Don't forget to refill your Keurig K-Elite brewer with water before going to bed! Because every second that delays caffeine consumption should be avoided at ALL COSTS.  

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Xo Clea + Joanna

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