How To Organize Your Mudroom For Back-To-School Success

How To Organize Your Mudroom For Back-To-School Success

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It’s officially back-to-school season! I’ll be honest: While it was great to have my kids home for the summer, I’m also looking forward to getting them back on a more solid routine and enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet.

Wait, what am I talking about? The school year is even busier for us, especially as my kids get
older. Maybe you can relate! But as moms, we know that chaos is inevitable, so
let’s stop panicking and start preparing, shall we?

Setting your family up for school-year success means creating systems in your mudroom or entryway that makes getting from point A to point B a smoother process for everyone.

#1 create drop zones:

Keep your entryway
functional and clutter-free by designating a space for each member of the
family and all of their essentials.

Start by taking stock of all the items that enter and exit your home on a daily basis. This may include shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, and after-school activity items like ballet shoes or soccer cleats—but every family is different. These items can be hung or stored in an open bin, what matters is that your kids can access them when necessary. Not only will this system leave clutter at the door and hold everyone accountable for their space, but you’ll be able to quickly grab whatever you need when rushing out the door.

#2 keep it clean:

Whether it’s a mess from breakfast or paint from art class, kids tend to attract messes during the school year that deserve a long bath. Because of this, I stock my mudroom with rolls of Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ so nothing gets tracked throughout the house. It also helps that these paper towels are so versatile, making them strong enough for wiping down muddy shin guards, effective enough to trap and lock glitter that seems to *always* find its way inside, and gentle enough to clean marker stains off of skin.

#3 prepare for anything:

It never fails – the moment you are about to walk out the door is also when your kid decides to confess they forgot to brush their teeth...or maybe it was a truly chaotic morning and you realize you forgot to brush yours. Oops! That’s why it’s better to keep a crisis-management kit right by the door for all your *oh nos!* and *mommy, I forgot’s*.

Think back to your past experiences and decide what will come in handy. Some suggestions include toothpaste, toothbrushes, flossers, hairbrushes, hair ties, you name it. We suggest using our Stackable Divided Drawers with Bin Organizers to keep everything contained and categorized.

#4 swap items regularly:

In order for a system to continue being functional, it’s important to take stock of the items that live there on a regular basis. Many times, you’ll be able to free up that valuable real estate by moving certain items to a less-accessible location. Some items to look out for include anything seasonal like warm jackets, sandals or sporting equipment when that season has ended. Make sure to label everything so when you need to access an item, you know just where to find it.

#5 stay consistent:

Keep consistency in mind and buy storage containers in the same collection or at least the same color. Matching products elevate a space, while mismatched products can make it look sloppy. Keep in mind that the products you choose should match the aesthetic of your home so it all flows nicely. Blending form and function is where the magic happens!

xo, joanna

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