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When we started The Home Edit, our goal was to transform the way people think about organization. In other words, just because your closet resembles the aftermath of a Category 5 hurricane doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

organizing happens to be something we are good at—but it’s also the only thing we are good at. We fully relate to the panic some people
feel about tackling
a messy space because it’s how we feel about traveling or
cooking rice.

So, in the spirit of spring cleaning,
we’d like to challenge everyone who claims “My house will never look that way”
or “I’ll forever be a hot mess” to let us change your mind. We’re not going to
lie, organizing and cleaning can be hard—it requires work, time, and
thoughtfulness. But with the right systems in place and rules to follow—along
with some helpful products—we promise you’ll get there. Because let’s be
honest: If we can do it, pretty much anyone can. Here are a few tips to get you


If you’re already stressed at the thought of cleaning
that downstairs bathroom you’ve ignored for months, then save yourself the
extra headache and edit your cleaning supplies beforehand.

Empty out your entire stash and toss anything that’s
expired or down to the last drop. Next, group the remaining products into broad
categories either by type of product (disinfectants, fabric care, paper towels)
or where it’s used (bathroom, kitchen, floor). There’s no right or wrong
category—it’s just important that all items are accounted for to streamline
your routine.

We like to use acrylic bins and turntables to store cleaning supplies because they make items more accessible when you need them. The final step is to label the container, which acts as a road map to where things belong and the key to long-term maintenance. Starting with a smaller project like this one will give you the confidence to tackle a larger one—like your pantry or closet.


One of the reasons we love being organized is because we hate looking for things. The systems we create allow us to put forth the least amount of effort without sacrificing efficiency (aka The Low-Bar Lifestyle). With that said, we believe that paper towels deserve more real estate than just a utility closet. Because whether you have 10 minutes before in-laws arrive or you spill your champagne in the upstairs bedroom, it always feels good knowing that damage control is near.

For this reason, we love stocking our spaces with rolls of the Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ because it traps and locks messes and can handle everything from cleaning appliances, countertops, and shining windows. Viva also carries a Signature Cloth™ for any deep cleaning needs, which we like to store in kitchens and bathrooms.


We suggest removing any plastic or cardboard packaging
wherever it makes sense. Not only does it maximize space and look cleaner, but
you'll also be saving a step when you need to access it. I mean, who wants to
unwrap paper towels during a spill emergency? Not us.

This is where Viva® Pop-Ups come in handy, both in the home or on-the-go. They have the same durable cloth-like feel of the Viva® Signature Cloth™ but in a portable and convenient design. I keep them in the playroom and my kids rooms because it’s easier for them to grab.


Beauty is sometimes in the unexpected and it’s typically
where form and function meet. If you have the space, don’t be afraid to style
out an empty shelf with items like paper towels or bottled water. We’ve found
that displaying items that are often tucked away can provide a look that’s as
stylized as it is convenient. It also helps keep track of these VIP’s (Very
Important Products) so you never run low.

Happy Cleaning! And remember: You can do it!


Clea + Joanna


Divided Fridge Drawer Clear
Divided Turntable
Tall Drawer
Egg Bin
Narrow Drawer
Large Berry Bin
Produce Bin
Small Fridge Bin
Tip 1: Stock Up on Healthy Staples

If you want to start eating healthier, you obviously need to stock your fridge with healthy food. It helps to create a list of core staples to have on hand at all times. This takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping, and you’ll feel more prepared during meal and snack time. 

Tip 2: Edit, Edit, Edit

When it comes to actually organizing your fridge, don’t skip the editing process. Even if you don’t feel like it, start by removing every single item from your fridge until it’s completely empty. We suggest keeping a trash bag nearby and tossing anything expired as you go. And since your fridge shelves are probably due for a deep clean, here’s your chance to actually get in there and wipe off that weird sticky layer! 

Tip 3: Create Zones

Every category should live in a designated zone (location) and preferably, within a contained and visible home (clear product). This allows everything to be accessible, accounted for, and aesthetically pleasing...while also maximizing shelf space.

Tip 4: Label It

Labeling isn’t just the finishing touch, it’s actually the secret sauce of the system. Labels are really just straightforward directions for where items go. They concretely identify the contents that live in each container. It not only helps *you* maintain the system, but it holds your kids, your partner, and anyone else using the space, too. 

*Reminder: Think broad, not specific when labeling your categories. It should be a simple road map that’s flexible enough for the occasional outlier. 

Tip 5: Freeze It

Your freezer is valuable real estate in your fridge set up, so clear out those old popsicles and spilled frozen peas to make room for favorites your family will actually eat. We're looking at you last minute meals.

We love using our Freezer Bins to contain the chaos amongst the frozen pizzas and kids snacks. Organizing this space will take the dread out of opening this often-forgotten area, we promise!

Thoughts welcome!

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