In this current state of affairs, we must find something to celebrate—every single one of us. A little positivity can go a long way, especially when dessert and champagne are involved.

So with the help of our favorite Nashville bakery, Baked on 8th, we’re here to celebrate that exactly one year ago today, THE book was officially released! (Don’t worry, this party also included social distancing and bottles of hand sanitizer.) 

It's hard to believe that it's been a full year since The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals was officially released. We'll be honest with y'all: Writing a book is terrifying. At times, it felt just as difficult as going through actual labor. We'd find ourselves halfway through a chapter, screaming for another epidural, but the only option was to keep on pushing through.

And we’re really glad we did. As soon as our editors handed us the final cover, we forgot all about the painful writing process. All that mattered was that our book was finished and we can finally show it to everybody. 

“Wait, did you just tell us your Book’s birth story?” 

In so many words, yes. Isn’t that the appropriate thing to do at someone’s birthday party?! Actually, no, come to think of it, if either of our mothers (particularly Roberta) got up and gave a speech about our birth story, consider us deceased.

Anyway, what we really want to say is thank you for supporting us, and continuing to support us. Every single one of y’all. We’re lucky to be surrounded by such passionate people with great senses of humor. You’ve allowed us to create a community that is not just about organizing but also celebrates all of our favorite things as a whole. Schitt’s Creek, ROYGBIV, champagne, candy, Surviving Not Thriving, just to name a few.

We didn’t write our book so you’d read it and immediately start tackling every space in your home. That’s unrealistic! We wanted to set an easier standard for everyone and share our tools, whether you love to organize or need some help getting started. It’s the kind of book you can read and come back to, even if that means highlighting certain pages. 

But most of all, we wrote our book so we could sit here a year later like proud Instagram moms, clapping and sending gold stars every time someone tags us in their organized spaces.

We love y’all and stay safe out there! Next up, BOOK #2!!!!


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