Kinetic Sand is made with real sand…but somehow it magically sticks together and never dries out so basically it is the only sand we approve of. Not to mention it comes in a variety of colors, types (Beach Sand, Shimmer Sand) and even scents (hello cookie dough!). Our kids love that they can dig, mix, cut and mold the sand, indoors, without their neurotic mother following them around with a full cleaning kit.

It’s also the perfect creative outlet and insanely satisfying to play with, even for adults. It does the same thing that organizing does for us…makes us happier and more relaxed. Thanks, serotonin and dopamine. We love y’all.

So, what’s our happiness level when we actually get to organize Kinetic Sand? Umm…through the roof. In fact, Clea personally dedicated an entire station to Kinetic Sand in her playroom. This might be the only thing that we’ve ever done that could be classified as “Cool Mom Behavior.” And we’ll take it!

In Clea’s playroom, most of the Kinetic Sand is stored in a cabinet. There are canisters designated for each color and type of sand, plus bins reserved for backstock underneath. We like to keep all the fun tools and molds together so the kids can easily ‘grab and go’ to dig, discover and feel the flow with their favorite sand. Plus, the playsets have their own designated section including the Ice Cream Treats Playset, which is currently on high rotation at our house. And, of course, everything is properly labeled!

To offer the kids a fun way to play, Clea also set out a special Kinetic Sand cart that includes a wooden tray play area, canisters of their favorite sand of the moment, and all of the tools they’ll need.

Our kids love Kinetic Sand, and so do we. It’s something that keeps the kids entertained, and keeps us from losing our sanity. What more can we really ask for? Trust us…do yourself a favor and get your hands in the sand.

Thoughts welcome!

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