Mark your calendars, y'all! Only a few more weeks until our show, Get Organized with The Home Edit releases on Netflix (September 9th), and we are *so* thrilled to share the full trailer with you!

Not going to lie, this show pairs *very* well with candy or take your pick! Or even better, choose both! We're giving you the perfect excuse: It just so happens that September 9th, our release date, is also National "Do Nothing But Watch Netflix, Eat Snacks, and Drink Champagne" Day. How convenient!

As you can see, get ready for a lot of laughs...and a lot of us awkwardly crying on camera. Filming this show was the adventure of a lifetime. Truly, such an unbelievable experience. Thank you to everyone involved, including all of the people who support us.

We love y'all.


clea + joanna

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