[THE] Pantry Staple That Simplifies My Routine

Mealtime, including snack time, is a whole lot easier when you have your core pantry staples on hand.
[THE] Pantry Staple That Simplifies My Routine

*This post is brought to you by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

The only thing better than an organized pantry is a fully stocked pantry. I’ll be someone who generally goes out to eat more than she cooks, pandemic life has since forced me to rethink my entire grocery shopping routine. 

Yes, I *actually* prepare meals now. Am I any good at it? Ask Sutton and Stella. They’d probably tell you that their mother makes a really great smoothie, which I absolutely do. 

The fact of the matter is that mealtime, including snack time, is a whole lot easier when you have your core pantry staples on hand. In other words, something that allows you to whip up all kinds of recipes on the fly. We only have so much available time and space, so by stocking your shelves the smart way, it maximizes both. 

Almondmilk is that core staple for me. I buy shelf stable Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, which is by far our favorite brand, in bulk without hesitation. The reason is because it is shelf stable, so you can keep a supply in your pantry (unopened) for up to one year. It’s also extremely versatile and can substitute for dairy milk in any recipe that calls for it, as well as being delicious and nutritious. 

In the mornings, I typically use almondmilk to make smoothies for my kids, which is literally the easiest thing to do with your eyes half-closed. With that same carton, I’ll pour some in my coffee until it matches the appropriate shade of PANTONE 15-1040. If my kids want pancakes, I’ll add some almondmilk to the boxed mix to make them extra fluffy. 

Do you see where I’m going with this? Whether it’s sweetened or unsweetened, original or vanilla, Almond Breeze is the pantry item that I always keep on hand. I’ve used it in batches of soups that have lasted us for days. I’ve even made a chia seed pudding. Can you imagine me, of all people, making a pudding? This is who I am when I scroll past a recipe on Instagram and realize I have all the ingredients at my fingertips. Almondmilk, chia seeds, honey, some fresh berries...voilà! Kids, your mother is a chef now. 

xo, clea


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Tip 1: Stock Up on Healthy Staples

If you want to start eating healthier, you obviously need to stock your fridge with healthy food. It helps to create a list of core staples to have on hand at all times. This takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping, and you’ll feel more prepared during meal and snack time. 

Tip 2: Edit, Edit, Edit

When it comes to actually organizing your fridge, don’t skip the editing process. Even if you don’t feel like it, start by removing every single item from your fridge until it’s completely empty. We suggest keeping a trash bag nearby and tossing anything expired as you go. And since your fridge shelves are probably due for a deep clean, here’s your chance to actually get in there and wipe off that weird sticky layer! 

Tip 3: Create Zones

Every category should live in a designated zone (location) and preferably, within a contained and visible home (clear product). This allows everything to be accessible, accounted for, and aesthetically pleasing...while also maximizing shelf space.

Tip 4: Label It

Labeling isn’t just the finishing touch, it’s actually the secret sauce of the system. Labels are really just straightforward directions for where items go. They concretely identify the contents that live in each container. It not only helps *you* maintain the system, but it holds your kids, your partner, and anyone else using the space, too. 

*Reminder: Think broad, not specific when labeling your categories. It should be a simple road map that’s flexible enough for the occasional outlier. 

Tip 5: Freeze It

Your freezer is valuable real estate in your fridge set up, so clear out those old popsicles and spilled frozen peas to make room for favorites your family will actually eat. We're looking at you last minute meals.

We love using our Freezer Bins to contain the chaos amongst the frozen pizzas and kids snacks. Organizing this space will take the dread out of opening this often-forgotten area, we promise!

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