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This is crazy, y’all. When we started The Home Edit, we were just two California transplants who had recently moved to Nashville, introduced by a mutual friend. Now, three years later, we have a client base around the country, a TV show under our belt, a published book, and a team of employees in 3 DIFFERENT CITIES—Nashville, LA, and NYC! (Soon to add more in the fall!)

Which is why it’s time to make some introductions. We love our team members and we’re confident that you will, too!


Sumner Canfield

  • Hometown: Washington D.C
  • As a self-described control freak, I love putting things into their rightful place. Nothing is more soothing to me!
  • However, I’m arguably the least organized member of The Home Edit in their private life
  • I never cry but I cried with joy whilst touring the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta
  • I watched the movie 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton every night before bed in third grade

Liz Wright

  • Hometown: Florida but I’ve lived in Nashville for nine years
  • I am obsessed with organizing because it makes people’s lives easier and I love to see how excited they get after we transform their space
  • My favorite show to binge on Netflix is The Office (obviously)
  • If I’m not working you can probably find me at the closest taco place with a margarita in hand
  • I have a tattoo of a cat drinking wine

Jamie Bricker

  • Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI area
  • I hated the snow/cold so moved to West Palm Beach for college, but then I realized I was also not cut out for the tropical weather. So after graduation, I packed up my car and moved to Nashville without friends or a job
  • I thought Nashville would be the best of both worlds, but it turns out to be as cold as MI and as humid as SoFlo but I still love it!
  • I started as Clea’s nanny and during one of her many moves, she realized I could actually organize! This is hilarious to my parents who saw my bedroom as a teenager
  • I am a major homebody and am typically found at home drinking wine, but always down for a game night (when I am not found working!)
  • I am in charge of scheduling and love how putting the schedule together is like an advanced puzzle.

Shaina Burrell

  • Hometown: Cornelia, Georgia but I’ve called Nashville home for ten years now
  • I enjoy eating at Nashville’s latest and greatest restaurants, attending concerts, traveling, and movie nights—complete with popcorn (EXTRA butter!)
  • Married to Postmates, addicted to Bravo
  • No morning is complete without a coffee in hand
  • Although I love the fall (GO DAWGS!), my favorite holiday is Christmas
  • My passion not only lies in organizing, but I also enjoy hosting parties and am known to be the hostess with the mostess
  • I love being challenged every day with something new

Susan Walton

  • Hometown: I’m originally from Maryland but Nashville is my forever home
  • My morning routine includes scrolling through Instagram, a cup of coffee, and The TODAY show
  • My current nightly routine includes watching Grey’s Anatomy or some Investigation Discovery show right before bed (which my husband hates)
  • I’m obsessed with my little Yorkie, Indy, although he is the biggest pain in the ass
  • My husband and I recently went to Tulum and every day we talk about when our next trip will be
  • I never understood the saying “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” until I started working with The Home Edit

Emily Shreve

  • Hometown: I’m from the cornfields of Northwest Illinois (West of Chicago) but I’ve lived in Nashville for ten years
  • I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor
  • I have a black cat named Darren
  • I met my husband, Mark, while singing karaoke at Santa’s Pub—a Christmas themed dive bar in Nashville
  • I have been organizing since I was a little one. My weekly mission as a six-year-old was to completely transform the toy aisle in our local grocery store during every grocery trip with my mom
  • I get my love for organizing from my dad. His garage is so meticulously arranged that it is nicknamed, “The Taj Garage.”
  • I love all things rose gold
  • Walking to our neighborhood coffee shop on the weekends is about as athletic as I like to get

MacKinnon Morrissey

  • Hometown: Born and raised in Nashville, TN. I never really knew Nashville was as cool as it is until everyone started moving here!
  • Love a good movie and popcorn. My favorite movie is Parent Trap but no one will watch it with me because I can quote the whole dang thing
  • My favorite food is pizza (mainly Dominoes) but it must be with Ranch. I also love Mexican food, especially cheese dip and a good quesadilla
  • I love watching sports or attending a sporting event. Baseball is my favorite
  • I went to college in Texas at TCU!
  • I love the beach so much I could live there! (30A is my favorite)

Los Angeles:

Nick Shuster

  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • I’m one of the original hires on THE Nashville team. But when I was offered the opportunity to move to California to launch THE LA team last year, I couldn’t pass it up!
  • My favorite part of organizing is making patterns and creating order in a visually pleasing way
  • I could watch every episode of Schitt’s Creek and Arrested Development, over and over again

Nicole Crane

  • Hometown: I’m originally from a small suburb of Chicago called Lake Bluff, but spent 12 years living in NYC before moving to LA in 2016
  • I’m a New Yorker at heart so I complained about the relentless sunshine for the first six months while everyone around me rolled their eyes. Now, I’ll crack if I see a cloud
  • I was a style editor in NYC so I’ve always loved conceptualizing beautiful magazine pages. Now, I just do the same thing to storage spaces!
  • No matter where I am, I go back to Lake Bluff for the Fourth of July. My hometown has an epic community parade and my dad sets up a cant-miss tailgate in a Radio Flyer wagon. It’s stocked with things like homemade Bloody Marys, crackers and pub cheese and he rolls it all the way to the parade route every year
  • I might be one of the first team members to live in THE’s home city of Nashville! I moved there in 2000 to attend Vanderbilt University

Courtney Cohen

  • Hometown: I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, raised in both Dallas, Texas, and Kansas City, Missouri and have lived in LA for 8 years
  • I am obsessed with Lisa Frank stationery and bright colors. Even though I’m a minimalist, I’ll never get rid of my favorite 90’s Lisa Frank gear and store it in a box in my closet
  • My dad is Jewish and my mom is Catholic, which makes me Jew-ish?
  • My favorite part of organizing is helping someone love a space that previously stressed them out
  • I love true crime documentaries and if you ever want to discuss them, I’m all in

Mari Stokols

  • Hometown: Livingston, NJ. In addition to Los Angeles, I’ve also lived in Tucson and NYC
  • My alma mater is University of Arizona
  • I’m newly married with no kids (yet!)
  • My guilty pleasure is Haagen Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  • My pet peeve is when my husband doesn’t fluff the pillows after laying on them
  • My biggest phobia is pigeons
  • My favorite things are a latte in the AM, wine in the PM, beaches, yoga, HGTV, dogs, walks, and The Bachelor/The Bachelorette
  • My favorite thing to organize is closets and pantries


Kate Driscoll

  • Hometown: I’ve lived in New York City for almost 14 years but I miss my hometown of Bethesda, Maryland and easy access to crab chips every day
  • My favorite things consist of: A tall glass of water, my daughter’s giggle, the beach, an airplane ride with a solid lineup of movies I haven’t seen AND no internet access so I can fully disconnect, crab feasts, the first glass of rose when the weather starts getting warm, and my family and friends

Jolin Polasek

  • Hometown: Originally from Madison, WI
  • I moved to NYC in 2012 and worked for a Shakespeare Company for many years
  • I’ve been to twelve countries and am always planning the next adventure
  • I love to organize because every space is like a new puzzle to solve


Clea, Joanna + THE team

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