Meet the Team

SO THIS IS CRAZY, Y’ALL!!! When we started The Home Edit, we were just two California transplants who had recently moved to Nashville, introduced by a mutual friend, who both wanted to start an organization company. Now, almost four years later, we have a client base around the country and a team of employees in 3 DIFFERENT CITIES: Nashville, LA, NYC (and soon to be Dallas!)

Which is why it’s time to make some introductions. We love our team members and we’re confident that you will, too!


Sumner Canfield

Jamie Bricker

Shaina Burrell

Susan Walton

Emily Shreve

Mackinnon Morrissey

Chappell Gaw

Los Angeles

Nicole Crane

Courtney Cohen

Mari Stokols

Christine Harada

New York City

Pamela Meluskey

Coryna Perez

Julie Franklin

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