Jamie Bricker

  • Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI area
  • I hated the snow/cold so moved to West Palm Beach for college, but then I realized I was also not cut out for the tropical weather. So after graduation, I packed up my car and moved to Nashville without friends or a job
  • I thought Nashville would be the best of both worlds, but it turns out to be as cold as MI and as humid as SoFlo but I still love it!
  • I started as Clea’s nanny and during one of her many moves, she realized I could actually organize! This is hilarious to my parents who saw my bedroom as a teenager
  • I am a major homebody and am typically found at home drinking wine, but always down for a game night (when I am not found working!)
  • I am in charge of scheduling and love how putting the schedule together is like an advanced puzzle.
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