THE Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Mark your calendars, y’all. Mother’s Day is May 12th, which means you only have a few weeks left to drop subtle reminders to your husband and kids, and/or decide what item you could possibly give your mother that would ever amount to her going through labor for you.

While breakfast in bed is typically seen as a Mother’s Day go-to, we prefer taking a different path with personalized gifts that keep on giving (and also don’t get crumbs in the sheets). Not just for ourselves, but our own mothers, especially Roberta, who deserves and takes nothing less.

No, but seriously. Let’s begin…


The kind who mentally (and sometimes actually) starts rearranging store displays, considers organizing to be their main source of cardio, and yells things like “NO GLITTER!!!” at her children.

The Home Edit Book

Sure, this may be a shameless plug but we could care less. We love our book and your mother will too.

Woodgrain Storage Boxes

There’s nothing better than stackable storage boxes that conceal items and also look like decor.

Elfa Door + Wall Rack

The crème de la crème of storage solutions—especially when short on space.

Stackable Jewelry Boxes

It’s not a regular jewelry box, it’s a stackable jewelry box. Plus, the velvet interior and grooved base keep jewels contained and protected.

3 Bushel Elevated Truck

A wheeled basket is a game changer when it comes to laundry or organizing, in general. Our personal favorite is from our collection with Steele Canvas—and we sell them right here in THE shop!


Who thinks that applying heat to food is cooking, considers champagne to be sparkling water, and that workout clothes are for every day because getting through LIFE is a workout.

Click + Grow Garden

Even WE couldn’t mess this up. All you do is drop a plant cartridge into the container, refill the water reservoir, and plug in the device. God bless technology.

Barefoot Dreams Robe

Imagine being hugged by a Care Bear—and that’s what wearing a Barefoot Dreams robe feels like.

3-Cubby Bench

This bench is especially helpful for moms with kids. When placed in an entryway, the cubbies act as a drop spot for shoes, backpacks, school papers, etc. to reduce clutter and streamline morning routines.

Chalkboard Calendar

This calendar is functional with a stylized touch. Mission accomplished.

Supergoop SPF 45 Setting Powder

Because why do two steps in your beauty routine when you can do one?


Who saves every card she’s ever been given, asks why you never send her printed photos of her grandchildren, and is probably expecting something special for Mother’s Day (no pressure).

Minted Heart-Shaped Snapshot

Minted is one of the best sites for personalized decor. It’s also one of the best ways to refer to your family photos as art without seeming narcissistic.

Love You Mom Mug

The most important reminders should come piping hot.

Personalized Horizon Necklace

This necklace is from Able, one of my favorite stores in Nashville. It comes in gold and silver and can be personalized, which is important to people named Clea. (I love my name, don’t get me wrong—but pre-made namesakes are reserved for the Katie’s and Julie’s of the world.)

Stockholm Storage Boxes

We love using these storage boxes to hold items such as photos, notes, and sentimental artwork. They fit nicely on a shelf and can be stacked to maximize space.

Russel + Hazel Desk Set

It even comes with an acrylic tray!


Okay, I’m talking about myself here.

ROYGBIV French Press

Excuse me, what? A rainbow French press? SOUND THE ALARMS, Y’ALL!!!

Mom Fuel Glass

Gasoline is to cars as champagne is to mothers.

Acrylic Divided Coffee Pod Box

What’s the first step to brewing a good cup of coffee? Actually knowing where your coffee is.

Matcha Shaker

Because nothing is more impressive than a mom who doesn’t wait in line for a $10 matcha latte and makes her own at home instead. Basically, the type of moms we could never be.

Sugarfina Caffeinated Gummy Bears

First, there were champagne gummy bears, and now these?! Well done, Sugarfina, well done.


Who online shops enough to know the FedEx guy by first and last name, talks about Madewell and Nordstrom like they are actual people, and never shops on Black Friday because she knows that Cyber Monday is always better.

Sarai D’Orsay Flats

Joanna wore these shoes almost every day of the book tour. That alone should illustrate the comfortability, coming from the person whose favorite clothing item is a robe.

Lizett Derby Cut Out Loafers

These are the shoes that I, Clea, wore almost every day of the book tour, and I also thrive in robes. Feel free to do the math.

Huggable Hangers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Huggable hangers are the simplest way to upgrade a closet. Not only do they maximize space on a hanging rod, but they are also safer for gentle fabrics.

Rainbow-Trim Sweater

A sweater that’s the best of both worlds: Colorful and Minimal.

Selam Crossbody Bag

This bag looks more expensive than it actually is, and more importantly, is #RobertaApproved.

Xo, Clea + Joanna

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