During the holidays, you can probably find me: organizing the playroom to see what my kids don't need, forgetting where I put the elf-on-the-shelf, or...compulsively decorating. 

I mean, decorating for the holidays is a real sport. A strenuous one. Have you ever given so much side eye in a Target aisle because the last set of bright ornaments was between you and another woman? (who was also wearing yoga pants and tennis shoes...because we come prepared). 

How about having to choose between a strand of white berry garland OR the most recent photo of your family on the wall? Just because it doesn't go with the color scheme? Ummm.....yeah.

This year, I got ahead of the game and decided to start decorating before Thanksgiving. I'm not trying to shame you if you haven't thought about it yet. I wanted to start in September but my husband wouldn't let me. 

Here's what I've been up to...


It started with iPhone apps, now it's my tree. There's nothing like a little ROYGBIV to soothe a type-A soul. I'm voting it becomes a permanent fixture. I know, I should stop while I'm ahead. 

To get this look, you definitely need a white tree. No question. The contrast with the colored bulbs is what it's about.

Also, don't be afraid to play around with ornaments of different textures and shapes...as long as it sticks in the same color scheme. 

And, YES. I DID spend a solid hour or more of my precious time making sure that the colors lined up perfectly. I’ve already warned each of my children, on separate occasions, that switching up any of the colors is off-limits (in case you were wondering.) 


White Tree

White Faux Fur Tree Skirt

Quilted X Pattern Tree Skirt

Ball Ornaments

Ombre Felt Ornaments

Glass Rainbow Ornament

Patterned Ornament Set

Herringbone Ornament Set


Sooo....I don't know how to cook. But I do have a theory that if the table looks good, it makes the food taste better. I would like a fact check on that, though. Just in case. 

The key to holiday table decor is to keep it simple yet styled. For Thanksgiving, I went with crisp whites and greens with metallic accents. It's minimal and could easily be more warm or seasonal with just a change of florals. 


I used a patterned table runner I've had forever but this striped one here will work, too. A plain white tablecloth would make the table decor blend in so it's important to have a pattern for texture and depth. 


Here's the thing about centerpieces: you can have more than one. The white floral arrangement and mercury candlesticks/votives were my focus point. 

The only rule is to create different heights with floral arrangements, votives, and candlesticks, depending on where the place settings are. 

Nothing. Is. Worse than trying to have a conversation with your great-aunt Harriet through a giant vase of flowers. 


Also, dinnerware, flatware, you know what I mean. I mixed and matched with a colored goblet and patterned plates. It added another layer of texture and still stuck with the color scheme (which I love.)


I added personalized place settings with these charcoal holders and fabric card stock I found at Target. I've gotta say...you've done it again with this Hearth & Hand collection, Target! (We live for you.) 


Gilded Serving Platter

Patterned Glass Goblet

Stoneware Dessert Plate

Striped Table Runner

White Ceramic Vases

Mercury Glass Pillar Holders

Glass and Metal Taper Candle Holder

Mercury Votive Set

Manzanita Candelabra

Place Card Holder


For the areas we entertain in, I like to keep it warm and inviting. 

Like, for example...

Now that I live in Nashville, I HAD to get this Howdy welcome mat. WHAT IS MORE FRIENDLY?! I wish it came naturally in my vocabulary but that's something I'm working on, y'all. 

The room where we entertain is the room where the traditional tree goes. It wasn't all rainbows this year, people. The only decor I added was white ceramic bud vases, glass Christmas trees for the tables, faux fur, a few seasonal pillows, and wreathes for the doors.  


Deer Throw Pillow

Bear Throw Pillow

Faux Fur Pillow

Glass Trees

House Bud Vases


Xo Clea
Meal Prep Cutting Board

Our jaws dropped when we discovered this cutting board. It has containers that slide underneath, so you can chop your food and instantly store your pre-prepped items in the cute containers that come with it. We love this for prepping and storing items for kids lunches, plus it comes with graters for prepping cheese and more.

THE Rating: 10/10, our minds still are blown by this one!

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Pizza Storage Container

Another "why didn't we think of that moment" was discovering this pizza storage container via TikTok. This container has individual trays inside that each hold one slice of leftover pizza. When you're ready to reheat, pull the microwave-safe tray out and heat your pizza with ease.

THE Rating: 8/10, we love this so much but it's not an absolute must-have if your family doesn't have the local pizza place on speed dial like us.

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Ziploc & Foil Organizers

If there's anything we hate, it's a bunch of non-uniform boxes of plastics bags and aluminum foil shoved into a drawer. Enter: this amazing bag and foil organizer. We love using it with our labels to make drawer magic in 10 minutes flat.

THE Rating: 10/10, every kitchen needs this organizer. Period.

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Garlic Chopper
Drink Dispenser
Vegetable Chopper
Acrylic Cutting Board
Bagel Guillotine
Water Bottle Sorter
Herb Scissors
Jar Opener

Thoughts welcome!

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