we'll organize literally anything

(and we'll do it with impeccable style)

Closets, pantry, bathroom, playroom, toolshed, art studio, reading nook, that weird space you’re not sure what to do with, nursery, office...

it’s all your stuff + our signature aesthetic.

In addition to our meticulous attention to detail and carefully considered systems that we put into every project, we also apply our curated style favoring a palette of blacks, whites, natural fibers, wood, and selective pops of ROYGBIV.

We have local services available in Los Angeles, New York, + Nashville, and travel services available everywhere else to help anyone anywhere bring style and order to their space.

We feel you. That’s why we have our virtual DIY package that includes consultation on your space, a shopping list, and detailed instructions on our recommendations.
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THE Homeroom Tour

When it finally came time for THE to establish an official home base (otherwise known as THE homeroom), we had a clear vision of what we wanted and a list...


At The Home Edit, we see the world in three ways: Black, white, and ROYGBIV. For those who aren’t familiar with this very important acronym, ROYGBIV stands for Red, Orange,...

Meet THE Team

SO THIS IS CRAZY, Y’ALL!!! When we started The Home Edit, we were just two California transplants who had recently moved to Nashville, introduced by a mutual friend, who both...
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