Cords are the absolute worst, correct? The never-ending web of wires are a constant eye sore and a tangled mess 100% of the time. Wire warfare is very real, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to conceal and contain our nemesis.


Placing a cable catch on your desktop or nightside table, will prevent your cable cords from falling to the floor every time (EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.) you unplug a device. Whether it's your laptop, phone, or tablet, you don't have fumble for the charger when you go to plug it back in later!


All electronics come with a huge amount of connected cords. Using a cord wrap or cable tie to gather the wires, helps prevent them from taking over your desk or media table. There are also a variety of colors you can use to identify different categories!

3. WIND IT. 

If you've never used a cable reel, then you're welcome. Because it's beneficial on a variety of levels. Cable reels allow you to wind-up cords to conceal them, to shorten them, and to keep them untangled. We especially love them for phone chargers and ear buds since it keeps your bags and drawers from cord chaos.

4. DOCK IT. 

Multiple devices lead to multiple charging cables, so we always recommend setting up docking stations. Whether it's a side table, a floor basket, or a repurposed magazine rack, you can set-up all your devices to charge in a contained area.


It's said in the south, "if it's not moving, monogram it." We believe in the organizing version, "if it's not moving, LABEL it." Labeling each cord plugged into a power strip helps you easily identify each item and keeps you from switching off your wifi when you just meant to unplug the printer.

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