7 Organization Items You Need from Our Walmart Collection

The seven items we'd buy from our Walmart collection, if we were organizing our homes from scratch.
7 Organization Items You Need from Our Walmart Collection

We know that getting organized can feel overwhelming (yes, even for us!), so we wanted to share our absolute favorite products from our Walmart Collection for getting started on your organization journey. We designed each of these edits and solutions to help you tame the chaos with small, manageable projects, because setting the bar low is kind of our thing. 

If you give your silverware drawer a 15-minute facelift with our Kitchen Drawer Edit, you’ll definitely get a gold star from us. Update your hair accessories a face lift with our Headband Organizer? Gold star. Organize your makeup with our Beauty Drawer Edit? Well, you get the picture. Keep scrolling for more one-stop organizing solutions, and prepare to give yourself a big pat on the back (or glass of champagne!).

#1: 10 Piece Bath Edit

If your bathroom drawer is way overdue for a refresh, our bath edit is the one for you. Toss expired makeup and skincare, create categories, and sing your own praises as you put everything back into these 10 perfectly-sized bins.

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#2: 5 Piece Laundry Edit

Doing laundry? Not fun. Organizing a laundry room? Now, that's our kind of party! This product edit will help you create a streamlined routine, and more importantly, make laundry less of a chore. It comes with two sets of two bins and our turntable that makes items easier to find.

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#3: 3 Tier Riser

If your condiments and canned goods don't have stadium seating, you're missing out! This is also the world's easiest and most satisfying project for making your kitchen feel more organized in under 10 minutes. Win, win.

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#4: THE Large Bin

Introducing the pièce de résistance—there's nothing our Large Bin can't do. Get your playroom under control? Organize your pantry? Contain the mess in your bathroom? The Large Bin's got your back.

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#5: THE 18 Piece Multipurpose Edit

Want to get organized but haven’t decided how or where? We've got you covered! The Multipurpose 18-Piece Edit is perfect to use as kitchen storage, toy storage, classroom storage, spice rack, crafts storage, and much more.

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#6: THE Low Wall Turntable

Our turntable is the MVP of creating a more functional space. Take your spices for a spin or use in your playroom for organizing arts and craft supplies. No matter how you use it, prepare to feel instant organization joy.

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#7: THE XL Bin

Just when you thought the perfect solution for storing jeans and sweaters didn't exist, meet THE XL Bin. She has many other talents too, and can also be used for toys, cleaning supplies, garage storage, and more.

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THE 15-Piece Closet Organizing Edit
THE 4 Piece Office Desktop Edit
THE 5-Piece Pantry Edit
THE 17-Piece Bath Edit