Tip #1: Measure Your Space

The height, width, length, and depth. To source the right product, you need to know your dimensions down to the quarter inch. Be sure to write down detailed information, such as shelf depth, height between shelves, and drawer depth and height. 

Tip #2: Maximize Your Usable Space

Select products that will take the best advantage of each shelf. Once you understand what pieces fit the best, you can look at your options and determine the aesthetic you prefer. 

Tip #3: Consider Negative Space

For instance, do you want to use the floor to create extra storage or keep it clean and open? Do you want to take advantage of door space or leave it open? 

Tip #4: Shop The Entire Store

You might find the perfect item for your kitchen in the bathroom section. (Hello, toilet paper holder!) 

Tip #5: Buy A Variety of Sizes

We routinely leave the store with twenty-eight shopping bags in tow, but we swear there is a method to the madness. You have to give yourself options while organizing because, inevitably, the product that you thought would be perfect doesn’t always work as well as you hoped. Not a problem! Just keep trying your backup product until you find the one that works best. 

Tip #6: Buy in Bulk

You will always need a larger quantity than you think, so purchase extra containers and return the overage. 

Tip #7: Consider Your Lifestyle

When shopping for organizing products you have to realistically consider your day-to-day routine and who lives in your household. Are you someone who has the time and energy to come home from the grocery store and empty each cereal box into a canister, or is a bin bin for cereal boxes an easier and more sustainable solution? There is no wrong way to get organized as long as you commit to long-term maintenance. 

Tip #8: Consistency is Key

Buy storage containers in the same collection or at least the same color. Matching products instantly elevate a space, while mismatched products can make it look sloppy. Streamlining your supplies will make everything look polished. 

Congrats! You’re now a product professional. Head to the store or feel free to shop our favorite products for every space using the button below!

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