Have you ever struggled to remove a blow dryer wedged in a bottom drawer? Or maybe you couldn't bring yourself to tell your friend that the real reason you were fifteen minutes late to her birthday dinner wasn't because of traffic, but because you lost track of time rummaging through random makeup bags trying to find your mascara.

It's okay; we're not here to judge. Instead, we're here to show you that organizing and simplifying your life isn't an all-or-nothing endeavor. Even the smallest tweaks can make a huge difference. 

Since we can't resist a fun name, we rebranded these small tweaks, or one-stop solutions, as "Happy Little Projects." Cute, right? These Happy Little Projects focus on solving one problem at a time and ignoring the rest because doing the most will only lead to more stress. It’s the little wins that guide us toward the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Scroll through to pick your first Happy Little Project, and let's get started! 

Designate a Daily Drawer

Did you know that if you build a system around an already established routine, it's more likely to stick? For better or worse, anything you do repetitively will become second nature. That's why, if you want to stay organized in the long run and simplify your life, you should store all your daily products (ex: toothpaste, floss, contact solution) in a designated drawer, and use clear inserts to separate each category. Soon enough, you'll be able to clean up with your eyes closed.

Pro tip: Place a dot of museum gel at the bottom of your inserts to keep them from shifting around. Don't worry, it's removable and safe for surfaces!

Try a Turntable

Nothing says, "I'm serious about my skincare routine," quite like a 2-Tier Turntable on a bathroom counter. It's damage control you can put in place for those nights you get home late and don't feel like taking your makeup off. When all of your products are at your fingertips, you are more likely to make a pit stop on the way to bed just to get it over with. You don't even have to open a cabinet!

Streamline Your Shower Routine

Have you heard the term "Everything Shower"? Like most things these days, we learned about it from TikTok. When you take an Everything Shower, it's complete head-to-toe spa vibes. Shampoo, condition, exfoliate, hair mask, face mask, and perhaps, a glass of champagne if you choose. But chances are, your shower isn't built with enough storage to accommodate this lineup—and no, the floor doesn't count. Thankfully, this hanging organizer (which doesn't rust, by the way) is an easy fix.

Unhide Your Hair Tools

Remember when we asked if you've ever had to remove a blow dryer that got wedged behind a drawer? Our Hair Tool Bins are a solution for that. We designed them to fit a variety of hair tools and are stackable to maximize space. Bonus: These bins come with removable heat-resistant trays, meaning you won't have to wait for your tools to cool down before storing them. What a relief!

Create Storage with Carts

What if you aren't the problem? Seriously, hear us out! Maybe your countertop isn't a mess because you are a mess; you just don't have enough storage space. How could you put things away when there's nowhere to put them? Here's how you will solve this: Get a rolling cart, add some bins (or even turntables!), and contain the products you use the most by category. Voila! A cabinet on wheels. It doesn't matter what type of rolling cart you get as long as it's tiered for added storage. We rounded up some of our favorites here.

Failproof Your Folding

There are two types of people in this world: Those who love folding and those who toss things in the linen closet and call it a day.  Well, we're happy to report that even the worst folded towels can look chic and neat when stored in a bin. Shhh... no one has to know.

Rethink Under Your Sink

The cabinet under the sink is prime real estate—yes, even with all the plumbing and piping. The key to increasing its market value is knowing how to use it. Instead of tossing things inside and hoping for the best, create a containment system that takes advantage of vertical space. If you want to take the easy route (and who doesn't?), grab the 17-piece Bath Edit in our Walmart collection since it includes everything you need: 2 drawers, 2 bins to stack on top, 12 baby bins to contain the subcategories within the larger containers, and one turntable for storing taller items like hairspray.

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