Both of us have become so accustomed to #HotelLife that when we're actually home, we're in a constant state of confusion. Who are these men sleeping next to us? Where is the other double bed? Why isn't Joanna in her robe propped up with pillows? Where is Clea with her phone in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other?

All jokes aside, traveling can be rough—especially during our book tour. We love meeting y'all, but we also miss our kids and husbands. It's been such a whirlwind that we've literally had to remind each other what city we're in.

With that said, here are some items that help us feel a little more at home, wherever that is for the week. Because as Phyllis Neffler says...


There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. But as long as you're traveling, you'll have to make the best of what you're given. Packing your pillowcase is a simple and travel-friendly way to feel more at home and get a better night's sleep. If you have enough space, a cozy blanket (or a robe if you're a Joanna) is another game changer and can be folded and easily stored at the bottom of your suitcase.


If the words hotel carpet doesn't invoke an immediate desire to wear slippers, then we don't know what will.

pillow spray:

Don't get us wrong, we're truly calmed by the fact that the sheets are bleached clean—but snuggling into that sterile scent isn't the most ideal. Spritzing the sheets with a lavender pillow spray adds a spa-like quality, rather than something straight out of an industrial laundry room.

brita water bottle:

Avoid wasting plastic from using disposable bottles and filter tap water straight from the sink instead. Not only is it better for the environment, but it's also a way to stay hydrated in the most convenient way.

disinfecting wipes:

I mean, does this really need an explanation? It's safe to say that most of us have seen that episode of Dateline. Nothing says "Home Sweet Away From Home" quite like giving a preliminary disinfectant swipe to every hard surface—no matter how luxurious the hotel may be. These are also great to pack these wipes in your carry-on bag to use on the plane.

packing squares:

We love packing squares because they maximize space and keep everything organized. Not just within your suitcase, but also inside a hotel drawer. It's a way to unpack without fully unpacking—which makes life a lot easier.

mini sound machine:

Even though the sound of ocean waves won't transport you home, it will at least lull you to sleep and drown out any potential noise disturbances (i.e. crying toddlers, someone named Brad's bachelor party)

plug-in adapters:

If it weren't for plug-in adapters, we'd spend our nights fighting over power outlets. They allow us to plug in all of our devices by the bedside, including laptops so that I can watch Schitt's Creek and online shop at the same time, and Joanna can remain in her natural state—horizontal under the covers.

travel wine glass:

Here's where we reference that episode of Dateline again. I'll drink my champagne from hotel lobby glasses, but I tend to avoid the room variety. These silicone glasses are easy to pack because they don't break and are a great backup for not only champagne but any drink.

travel toiletries:

We're not beauty bloggers. However, we do know that unless you're staying at a hotel with a five-star spa, nothing causes flat hair and dry skin quite like free toiletries. The good news is that most brands carry TSA-approved minis and travel wipes, so you don't have to forgo your favorite products to save space.

Safe travels!

Xo, Clea + Joanna

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