How to Make a DIY Closet & Accessories Station

No closet, no problem.
How to Make a DIY Closet & Accessories Station

You don’t need a ton of square footage to create the closet of your dreams. The first step is owning clothes that fit your vibe and make you feel good. The second is finding solutions that help you display the things you love and access them easier. So what if you don’t have a dedicated room for clothes? All you need is a designated zone, a rolling cart with extra storage, and a system that helps you slay the day. 

Follow these tips to create a DIY closet system that will streamline every style moment from start to finish. 


DIY Closet

BUT FIRST, PURGE: In a small space, it’s important that closets and baskets aren’t filled to the brim. It can cause clutter to spill out and take over.

DIY SOLUTIONS: Use rolling racks, shoe bins and acrylic handbag sorters to build a dream closet in a small space.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY: Replace mismatched hangers with a uniform set of slim, neutral hangers.

CREATE A DROP ZONE: Use a large decorative basket on the floor for concealing items that you don’t have time to put away. Empty once a week.

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Accessories Station

But wait, we can't forget about the accessories! Use the pointers below to merchandise your favorite pieces. 

YOU'VE GOT OPTIONS: Decide where you’re going to store jewelry—on the countertop, in a drawer, or hanging. Shop for solutions suited to that space.

DAILY TRAY: Designate a small, personalized tray for the pieces you wear and remove everyday.

BELT IT OUT: Display your belts in an acrylic organizer, so they aren’t hidden and forgotten.

MADE IN THE SHADE: Never store your sunglasses in a pile or in a drawer to avoid scratches. Display them in a storage box or on acrylic shelves.

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