How to Organize Your Morning Routine

Coffee + skincare station = multitasking magic for your morning routine.
How to Organize Your Morning Routine

We all have something that get us out of bed in the morning. For some people (Joanna), it’s an Everything bagel with vegan scallion cream cheese. For others (Clea), it’s coffee pods organized in rainbow order, but mostly it’s the caffeine. Sure, some people just get up because the alarm went off, but are they even human? The truth, for most humans, is that if you enjoy something and you get a reward out of it, you are more likely to do it. It’s called habit stacking, which is a concept we cover a lot in our new book, Stay Organized. When you add fun to a functional task, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can trick your brain into doing it. 

From caffeine in rainbow order to a skincare fridge that looks straight out of Barbie World, here are some tips to help you rise and shine on a regular basis.


When your morning starts with coffee pods in rainbow order, it's impossible to have a bad day. Enter, our Keurig coffee pod organizer from Walmart.

It comes with a 4 piece mounting kit so you can use freestanding on the counter, in a cabinet or mounted inside a cupboard.


Put your skincare in a mini fridge next to your coffee set up. This is a win, win in our book, because it will make for more efficient mornings and give you something to look forward to when you roll out of bed. Use our organizing bins to categorize products by type, color or both.

#3 Finishing Touches

Add finishing touches to your coffee & skincare bar, like a cute spoon rest and a coffee creamer mug.

We're also fans of using The Home Edit pantry canisters from The Container Store for organizing sweetener packets and brown sugar.


If you prefer to keep your skincare in your bathroom instead, we love organizing our products in rainbow order (naturally) on a simple shelving unit.



Coffee Pod Organizer
Keurig Machine
The Home Edit Pantry Canister
Monogram Mug
Mini Fridge
Spoon Rest
The Home Edit Organizer Bins
Coffee Creamer Jug

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