Tip #1: provide shelf support

When storing your folded sweaters on a shelf, you need to bring in some structural integrity. In other words, shelf dividers to keep your favorite knits contained, neatly stacked, and free from messy pileups.


Tip #2: take the floor

Running low on shelf or drawer space for items too delicate to hang? Place clear stackable drawers on the floor as a DIY dresser.

Stackable Sweater Drawer

Tip #3: keep things cozy

Super slim but extra sturdy hooks are perfect for hanging blankets, shawls, and scarves. Plus, you keep them in your line of sight when getting ready in the morning!

chrome blanket hanger

tip #4: BIN IT TO WIN IT

Sick of your knit hats getting lost in your closet? Store them directly under jackets in linen-lined baskets to protect delicate materials. (Looking at you, cashmere beanies.)

white montauk bins


Use boot shapers to keep your favorite pairs structured and easy to store. (Another option: Clear boot boxes you can stack vertically!)

Boot Shapersstackable boot box


Leave it to our Nashville team to find the chicest hat storage solution ever — these metal display stands.

hat stand


Designate a visible zone in your closet for seasonal accessories where you can easily swap the contents as the weather changes. In this closet, we repurposed shelving that was originally used for shoes and added clear stackable drawers to contain each category.



When storing items such as gloves, hats, and scarves in a drawer, use expandable dividers to separate by category and keep things looking neat.

adjustable drawer dividers

tip #9: upgrade your coat hangers

If you are still using plastic or wire hangers to hang your heavy winter coats, we're going to stop you right there and tell you to invest in slim and sturdy wooden hangers instead. Not only are they designed to hold the weight and shape of these very items (no more coats falling on the floor!), but the sleek design will also elevate the look of your entire space.

wooden hangers

tip #10: grab & go

From hats to mittens to scarves, accessories tend to be the last item we grab on our way out the door. So why not streamline your routine and create more storage with an Elfa over-the-door unit? This solution is easy to install and can be customized and adjusted to fit your needs, especially as the seasons change.

elfa over the door unitlabel clipscustom labels

Still in need of more winter storage solutions? Leave a comment down below — we're here to help!

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