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Since we’re off on the book tour, it’s important to note that—​yes, The Home Edit as an organizing business is still alive and well. We’re lucky to have a team of amazing employees in Nashville, LA, and NYC that hold down the fort, both in clients homes and in the office. (Get to know them in our Meet THE Team blog post!)

It should go without saying that because our business is growing in size, our office (aka THE homeroom) is growing in items—pens, stationery, team t-shirts, etc. While we’ve been gone, our Nashville team decided it was time to edit our storage closet and start fresh with a new system. (I know, could we be any luckier? That’s organizers for you.)

The only issue? Since we’re busy and on the road, I wouldn’t be able to christen our newly-edited space with my actual handwriting (aka THE signature script) and considering labeling is non-negotiable, we needed to come up with another solution.

That’s where the Brother ​P-touch Cube CUBE Plus came in to save the day. It’s different than a traditional label maker, in that its Bluetooth® wireless technology allows you to easily design and print labels from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It also lets you choose from 3 different applications, so you can create labels based on your specific need—from simple text to a variety of symbols, fonts, frames, pre-designed templates, and more. All you have to do is design your label, hit save, and print. Even easier, the ​P-touch CUBE Plus ($99) ​is compatible with smartphone features like spellcheck and voice-to-text so you can literally live your best #lowbarlifestyle.

It’s important that the label matched our space’s aesthetic, so thankfully the ​P-touch CUBE Plus offers 13 Premium Glitter and Matte Tapes (all under $23!) so we were able to customize. We ended up going with the Black Print on Premium Matte White for this particular space but it’s great that we have options for the future.

The tape itself is also easy to use and durable. Simply peel the split back on the TZe labels and apply to your storage container or item. Due to the fact that the text is between two layers of film, the labels can stand up to both indoor and outdoor use without while resisting peeling or fading.

Easy, right? Let’s be honest—we wouldn’t do it any other way. Whether you are in the organization business like us or you’re facing everyday tasks like labeling your kids’ preschool gear, time is of the essence. Now that we’ve been sent the photos of our newly-edited storage closet, we’re even more excited to come back to Nashville and see the finished product. Thanks, THE team (​and P-touch Cube CUBE Plus!​)


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