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Well, here we are. It’s almost August and the closest thing I’ve had to a summer getaway is when my husband is outside with the kids and I’m inside on the couch, listening to true crime podcasts and online shopping. A perfect pairing, if I might add! 

Self-care is important. Which is why these days, scrolling through every page on Nordstrom online is my form of meditation, and scheduling a curbside pickup is my exercise. 

I’ve never been one to make excuses for shopping, but now since joining Nordstrom’s free reward program, The Nordy Club, I really don’t have to. In addition to offering free shipping and returns, curbside pickups, and free alterations— for every dollar I spend, I receive an automatic point that can be redeemed on anything at Nordstrom, including items at Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook. (Click here to join!)

Another way I like to practice self-care is by staying caffeinated and hydrated at all times. Hot and cold beverage stations are one of the many reasons I love (and am currently experiencing separation anxiety from) nice hotel lobbies. So why not bring that same hospitality into my own home, even if it’s only for me to enjoy?

During my most recent Nordstrom-scrolling meditation, I purchased some new glassware, a marble lazy susan, and marble coasters to create my cold beverage station. I’ll admit that I don’t drink as much water as I should, but placing this set up in my living room serves as a stylish reminder, especially when I infuse rosemary and berries in the carafe. 

JULISKA - Berry & Thread Stemless Red Wine Glass

JULISKA - 'Berry and Thread' Double Old Fashioned Glass

JULISKA - Berry & Thread Wine Carafe

JULISKA - Stonewood Stripe Set of 4 Coasters

For my caffeination station, I placed my new mugs, marble coasters, a 50’s style Smeg kettle, and all the essentials, directly above my tea drawer. I typically make coffee with my eyes half-closed, so having everything in one place is important when operating on autopilot. As far as I’m concerned, caffeine doesn’t just make the day better, it makes it more possible.

JULISKA - Bilbao White Truffle Coffee Mug

SMEG - '50s Retro Style Electric Kettle

JULISKA - Stonewood Stripe Set of 4 Coasters

It also feels good to slip on something cute but comfortable, and makes me look more put together than I actually feel. Nordstrom always comes through with items that fit those requirements. Needless to say, anything rainbow or rainbow-adjacent was an automatic “add to cart”. 

(Also, never underestimate the power of a Diptyque candle. They are expensive but worth the investment. This seems like a good time to mention that Baies was the official scent of Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding. Don’t believe me? Google it.) 

ROOM SERVICE - Rainbow Trim Lounge Jogger Pants

ROOM SERVICE - Rainbow Trim Pajama Shorts

ROOM SERVICE - Rainbow Short Pajamas

RAILS - Theo Sweater

Diptyque - Baies/Berries Candle

With that said, if anyone needs me, I’ll be practicing self-care here on the couch. 

xo, clea

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