The Home Edit House is essentially our new brand headquarters. It’s where we can shoot content, hold team meetings, and celebrate our accomplishments, both big and small.

Not surprisingly, our first order of business was deciding how to decorate every inch of the space. If she is going to be The Home Edit House, she needs to look and act the part!

One of our signatures is our affinity for ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet). Displaying items in rainbow order creates a visual flow that naturally clicks with the brain, making it easier to find things. So obviously, that meant we needed to create a rainbow room where all of our fun photoshoot props could live.

To choose the perfect one-coat hide colors, we partnered with BEHR DYNASTY™, Behr’s latest formula of beautiful, stain-repellent, scuff-resistant, and fast-drying paint. We had our choice of over 1,000 shade options to create the rainbow spectrum of our dreams. The colors couldn’t be too bold, but they also couldn’t be too pastel. They had to be *just* right, and we’re so happy with the result!


We’ve had multiple photoshoots since the completion of THE Rainbow Room, and even with all the chaos, the paint looks as fresh as it did on day one. This durability is much-needed, considering we’re pulling things off the shelves 24/7. Once again, form and function for the win!

We partnered with BEHR DYNASTY™ to paint other areas of The Home Edit House as well, and we’re just as obsessed! Here’s a quick peek of the other spaces:

Conference Room: Moxie

Bathroom: Compass Blue

Glam Room: Cameo White

BEHR DYNASTY™ is sold exclusively at The Home Depot and is available in Matte, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss sheens in all 3 bases (UPW, Medium, and Deep).

Thoughts welcome!

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