It will come as no surprise that we believe in starting our kids young when it comes to keeping their spaces organized. It builds their confidence, instills routine, makes school days easier, and admittedly helps us keep our own sanity. We tapped one of our favorite teens, Abby James Witherspoon, to share her tips for hacking her holiday organization this season. Abby is an on-the-rise actress, high school senior, cheerleader, and Reese Witherspoon’s niece. Here, she’s sharing her hacks for a festive, fun and organized holiday season.

Tip #1 - Grab Yourself a Merry Little Cart

How many times do we have to tell y'all that a rolling cart is THE way to create additional storage where it doesn't exist. Why is it better than another storage option? It's on WHEELS! You can wrap wherever, whenever!

Tip #2 - Categorize = Creativity

Use inserts to create categories for bows, tags, scissors, tape, and any other wrapping essentials. Having everything organized and in one place means more time for getting creative with your wrapping and less time looking for the scissors. Win, win.

Tip #3 - Add Attachments to Your Cart

We love that this cart has additional storage attachments, like a Ribbon Holder and a Gift Wrap Organizer, to make the cart do the hard work for you—like holding 101,018 ribbons and 20,587 rolls of wrapping paper!

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Tip #4 - Create a Holiday Baking Cabinet

Clear a cabinet or shelf, and create a baking station to encourage any baking-loving teen to whip up their next sweet treat. Abby James loves having this space carved out for her in her family's home. Start with pantry canisters in various sizes for decanting and storing baking supplies.

Bonus tip: use this smart phone label maker to add the expiration date to the bottom of your canisters when you decant your essentials.

Tip #5 -Take Your Sprinkles for a Spin

Store sprinkles and icing on our turntables to make the most use out of any cabinet space. We love this solution for everything from sprinkles and spices to laundry and bath products.

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