Cute and Functional Office Items To Brighten Up Your Workspace

Vibes are real, y'all. For better or for worse, we are the product of our environment. If your space is boring and sad, then you will feel boring and sad whenever you are in it. So if you've been feeling blah and unproductive in your work life recently, start by taking the blah out of your workspace. From pops of color to elevated essentials, we rounded up 15 items that will brighten your mood when that meeting should have been an email.
Cute and Functional Office Items To Brighten Up Your Workspace

1) Day Planner

Stickers, monthly themes, checklists...need we say more? We made sure the planners in our Blue Sky collection at Walmart are fun to use so you actually remember to use it.

$14.97 from walmart

2) Wireless Charging Tray

This magical tray charges your phone and acts as a drop spot for your items at the end of the day. Double win!

$175 from mark and graham

3) Acrylic Wall Mailbox

This vertical storage solution from Russel + Hazel will keep your desk clutter-free and your daily essentials at your fingertips. With compartments and hooks to store all your categories (even keys!), this brass and acrylic beauty brings forth all the benefits.

$31.99 from the container store

4) Charging Desk Lamp

It's a chic lamp. It's a phone charger. It's a smart use of desk space. What more could we ask for?

$79.99 from nordstrom

5) Compliments Colored Pencil Set

If you are thinking, "Wow, I should buy multiple sets of these pencils and pass them out like positivity candy on a daily basis!!" are we!

$12.95 from nordstrom

6) Office Desktop Edit

One of our favorite solutions from our Walmart collection! It comes with 4 pieces so you can organize your items in a variety of ways.

$12.98 from walmart

7) Silicone Cable Ties

If at first glance you thought these were candy, Joanna did too. They aren't. They are silicone ties to keep your cords from tangling but it might as well be candy. What's sweeter than a set that includes every color in the rainbow (doubles as a labeling system!) and stars at the end to secure the cord wrap.

$13.99 from amazon

8) Cable Management Box

Another way to hide those ugly cords. How chic is this? It also doubles as a surface for devices you are currently using.

$26.99 from amazon

9) Self Watering Planter

When work makes you feel dead inside, at least your plant won't be.

$29.99 from amazon

10) Macaron Eraser Set

Even if you rarely write with pencils, having these adordable erasers in your drawer is enough to brighten your day.

$9.99 from the container store

11) 30 Minute Hourglass

Sometimes it helps to manage your time the old school way. Just turn the hourglass over, do a task, and conquer the next once the sand reaches the bottom. (Plus, blue is supposed to be a calming color, so there's that!)

$29.99 from the container store

12) Bigso Box

If you've been with us for awhile now, then you know our love for a Bigso box. It offers an easy way to store your documents, looks great on a shelf, and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

$15.99 from the container store

13) Acrylic Desk Accessory Set

When functional (and typically boring) items become decor pieces for your desk, it's a system.

$30.98 from amazon

14) Marble Bookends

Nothing looks more polished on a shelf than a set of marble bookends.

$32.99 from amazon

15) Cross Stitch Sign

And last but not certainly not least, this sign that says what we are all thinking.

$29.99 from etsy

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