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When you practically live in hotels like Clea and I do, you end up learning a few things about the art of hosting guests...from being a guest. 

Like how much it means to arrive after a long flight to everything we need without having to ask for it. Or how a simple vase of fresh flowers can make any space more inviting. 

Preparing for house guests doesn’t need to be complicated or overly stressful. It all comes down to a blend of form and function, simplifying your guest’s routine with a stylized touch. 

In partnership with Bloomingdale's & ShopStyle, here are some ways to give your guests a warm welcome and ensure their comfortable stay without the stress in preparation. (Just beware: They may never want to leave.) 

create a welcome cart:

When your guests arrive, they will probably just want to chill out, especially if they traveled from long distances. Accommodate and impress them by creating a welcome cart, complete with bottles of water, cocktails, vases of fresh flowers, stylish accents, and a nice smelling candle.

When I host guests, I bring out my favorite rattan bar cart that I’ve had for years. The minimal design and color palette allows me to restyle it for any season or occasion.

Highball Glasses

Arch Whiskey Bottle 

Glass Pitcher 

Champagne Flute Set

Cire Trudon Ernesto Classic Candle - Leather and Tobacco

NEST Fragrances Birchwood Pine 3-Wick Candle

have some bedside manners:

By no means do you need to offer turn-down service, but it’s always nice to add extra touches of hospitality to the guest room. A vase of fresh flowers, bottles of water, and decor accents like a candle or tray are great options for a bedside table. I also suggest setting out a set of towels (bath and washcloth) per guest; multiple sets if they are staying for an extended period of time. 

And since many people like to drink their coffee or tea shortly after waking up in the morning (especially if you are me and Clea), create a station that includes a Keurig, mugs, coffee pods, an assortment of tea, sugar packets, etc. so they can stick to their routine on their own timeline. These items don’t take up a lot of space and can be styled on a dresser. 

Magnolia Steel Blue Wide Vase

ANNA new york La Cire Candle - Alabaster Gold

Bath Towels 

Keurig Coffee Brewer

White Pearl Mugs

Emoji Mugs

Herbal Tea Assortment 

stock them with essentials:

There’s always a chance that your guest will forget something—so plan on having them covered. It can vary from guest to guest but it’s always safe to stock up on essentials like toothbrushes and phone chargers, which are items that tend to be easily forgotten. I also like to offer my guests items that will make them feel comfortable before bedtime, like a silk sleep mask, lip balm, lavender sheet spray, and lotion. Store the items in a bin and separate the categories with inserts. Don’t forget to add a Guest label so they know it’s there for them. 

Slip Silk Sleep Mask 

Lip Balm


But if at any point your guests get too comfortable and start asking for room service and an in-house spa treatment at noon, don’t come blaming me. Didn’t I warn you? 

xo, joanna

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