How to Aesthetically Organize Your Bathroom

Warning: may cause you to organize your skincare rainbow order.
How to Aesthetically Organize Your Bathroom

Anyone with a small bathroom knows the struggle of feeling like your products are never fully put away. They collect on the counter top or get crammed in that one cabinet under the sink, but there’s a better way to live. Enter stackable and modular storage solutions to make your under sink just as functional and organized as any other space that’s on full display in your home. Keep scrolling for our tips making your small space bathroom sing.




1. Go for a spin

Turntables are perfect for organizing products around bulky piping under the sink.

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2. The Daily Drawer

Designate an area of your bathroom for products you use most frequently. For under the sink, we love using The Home Edit Large Drawer from The Container Store. 

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3. Unwrap it

To maximize space, remove items from their original packaging, and store in drawer inserts, bins, or canisters.

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4. Stacks on stacks

When in doubt, stack The Home Edit All-Purpose Bins to take advantage of vertical space.

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5. Rainbow order

Take back your drawer space by moving your skincare onto a shelf in your bathroom, and arranging in rainbow order. Plus, your new system will hold you accountable for keeping your new system in tact. 

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6. Nail It

Organize your nail art supplies into our Stackable Beauty Drawers from The Container Store to create a nail station in your small space. Having these items on display will make you much more apt to tap into your creativity for your next at-home manicure.

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The Home Edit Divided Turntable
The Home Edit Large Drawer
The Home Edit Beauty Drawers
The Home Edit All Purpose Bin
Display Shelf
The Home Edit Organizing Bins
The Home Edit Headband Organizer
The Home Edit Headband

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