Meet THE Organizers: Jenn & Indigo

We've said it before and we'll say it again...we wouldn't be where we are now without our amazing team. People often ask us if we miss organizing in client homes on a daily basis, and the answer is YES! Thankfully, we get to live vicariously through our organizers, and love seeing the unique dynamic each team has built together over time. 
Meet THE Organizers: Jenn & Indigo

Get to know Jenn and Indigo from THE New York City team: 

Question 1: Favorite space to organize and why?

Jenn M - Playrooms because I love how colorful everything is in the end and I love folding baby clothes.

Indigo W - My favorite place to organize would have to be a pantry. There are always a lot of colors and it’s usually easier to maintain symmetry through out the space which is pleasing for the eye.

Question 2: Top organizing tip

Jenn M - Categorize before you organize. Meaning if you keep all similar items together, you can create zones and give prime real estate to the things you use most and less priority to the things you grab least. We often don’t realize we give space to things that are unnecessary.

Indigo W - My top organizing tip would be to think about how you use the space and organize it to work best for your needs not just the aesthetic. This will make the space easier to maintain over time.

Question 3: What’s the most difficult part about being an Organizer in NYC?

Jenn M - NYC has some of the most unconventionally designed spaces with some of the oddest measurements, so finding the right product that’s going to maximize space and aesthetically work together can be quite challenging sometimes.

Indigo W - Hmmm NYC is definitely its own beast, the most difficult part about being an Organizer here would be space or lack there of but coming up with new solutions is half the fun!

Question 4: Dream client and why?

Jenn M- Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton because Gwen’s music shaped a lot of my formative years and who doesn’t love Blake Shelton!? Plus, I see a lot of me & my husband in them so I feel like we’d have a lot to talk about.

Indigo W - My dream client would be Tracy Ellis Ross, I LOVE her style and can only imagine what her closets would be like.

Question 5: What are you listening to right now? (can be a podcast, music etc. - also do you listen to anything while you're organizing?)

Jenn M- I listen to a lot of country but also anything by Justin Bieber, Ben Platt, Jon Bellion, and Camila Cabello.
I don’t listen to anything while organizing - probably because my thoughts are too loud.

Indigo W - Most of the time I am listening to 90’s R&B but my music taste ranges quite a bit. For the most part I don’t listen to anything while I’m on a project.

Question 6: Favorite way to relax after a long day?

Jenn M - Half an hour of yoga and half an hour of candy crush. Literally the best stress relief combo.

Indigo W - My favorite way to relax after a long day is to come home change into my pj’s, grab a snack, get in bed, and turn on a YouTube video.
Also I love scrolling through Pinterest mostly pining home decor and old homes.

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