Meet our friend, Li McGinnis — founder of The Organizing Genius, a luxury organization and design company based out of Houston. We love her insight and asked her to share some of her best pantry tips and product picks with y'all. Enjoy! 



Tip 1: Before starting, draw a diagram of the pantry and record measurements on the drawing. If you have a tablet that you can write on, take a photo of the pantry and write measurements directly onto the photo.

Tip 2: Empty the pantry contents onto the kitchen counters and sort them by category. Check for expired items and create a shopping list for anything you want to replace.

Tip 3: Create zones within the pantry. Some of the major zones are breakfast, dinner, dry goods, snacks, beverages, and paper goods.

Tip 4: Before shopping for product, take photos and videos of all pantry contents once sorted.

Tip 5: Have your measurements, photos, and videos on hand when shopping whether online or in-store. Measure the storage solutions you want to use for each zone to ensure it’ll fit within the space before making your purchase.

Tip 6: Use turntables in hard-to-reach corners. Measure the corner diagonally to determine the max size.

Tip 7: Add a touch of greenery and art to give the pantry more pizazz.

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