Small Space Hacks: Bedroom Storage

When space is limited, organization shouldn't be.
Small Space Hacks: Bedroom Storage

Stressed about your small space? Before you say you’ve tried everything, we want you to look up, down, and turn it all around. From the windows to the walls! As long as you have doors, walls, and enough floor space to do learn a TikTok dance, there are solutions. Here are our best tips for maximizing your square footage in a small space, no assembly required.


Under the Bed

Bulky items go here! Sweaters, sheets, seasonal pillows and more can be stored in long plastic bins. Slide them under the bed for that glorious "out-of-sight-out-of-mind" feeling.

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Cart It

When in doubt, put it on a cart. We've created more carts than we can count in our day for everything from gym equipment and school supplies to a makeshift nightstand and even a movie night cart. In a small space, a cart is your best friend for items you're struggling to fit in more traditional storage spaces.

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Over the Door

In a small bedroom, don't forget to think vertically. We love The Home Edit Over-the-Door solution from The Container Store for storing snacks, beauty supplies, accessories and so much more.

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THE Cart
Charging Station
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Under-bed Bins
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Over-the-Door Storage

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