This past year has been a whirlwind. Between our book tour and filming our show, when you travel as much as we do, you start to think of your *actual* house as your vacation house.

So we're happy to report that neither of us came home to complete disaster zones. We have our husbands to thank for that—the *true* MVPs of this operation. John, Jeremy: You both deserve a Golden Globe award for Fatherhood...and for putting up with us.

Within minutes of returning home after a long trip, we both decided that now would be the best time to update some of our living spaces with new furniture. By the way, this is what happens when you spend the majority of your time in hotels and other people’s can’t help but get inspired by decor. 

We are firm believers that any space can be beautiful and functional, all at once. So teamed up with Summer Classics Home to design a few high-quality pieces that fit our vision and remain kid-friendly...


It’s been (almost) two years since my family moved into our brand new home. I was thrilled for my first opportunity to design every space and select every tile, knob, and finish. These details are important when it comes to aesthetic.

I love when spaces are simple and timeless, but with a modern touch. My go-to way to achieve this look is by playing with texture.

In my dining room, I wanted chairs that would provide warmth and pull the space together. These vintage-style dining chairs bring out the brass and wood details of the room and offer a beautiful contrast to the marble table and white wainscotting. 

Tyson Dining Chair

I use my outdoor spaces primarily for entertaining family and hosting team meetings, so additional seating is a must. When looking for furniture, there was no question to blend the beautifully-rich color of red brick with classic teak wood. The dark cushions with white accents provide such a pretty contrast—I love it!  

Ashland Teak Lounge Chair

Ashland Teak Ottoman

Croquet Teak End Table

Club Teak Table

Croquet Teak Side Chair


If you’re thinking, “Clea, aren’t you in the process of building a new house? Can’t you just wait until then for new furniture?” The answer is “NO, SORRY, CAN’T.” 

The best part about designing a new home from start to finish is that you get to pick every last detail. Since I already have a clear vision of how my new house will be styled, the pieces will transition nicely.

My screened patio was the best decision I have ever made. As far as I’m concerned, the best way to appreciate the great outdoors is to not fully immerse yourself in it. 

I didn’t want outdoor furniture that looked or felt like outdoor furniture. That was non-negotiable. But what I did want is a fabric or material that was durable enough to withstand the elements (aka my kids). This is where they work on art projects, dry off from the pool, and eat the messy snacks they aren’t allowed to eat in the house. 

Originally, there was only a black table set, but I wanted to create an additional seating area, complete with a sofa, lounge chairs, and a coffee table. To keep it cohesive yet offer contrast, I went with white, black, and wood accents for the win. 

Havana Lounge Chair

Havana Sofa

Croquet Teak Coffee Table

Now for my living room. While I mostly prefer everything to be black and white, I allow gray as an accent color. 2 kids + 1 dog + 1 husband + 1 white couch = NO THANKS. But I will say that the gray couch with metal detail is just what this space needed. The living room is open to the kitchen (which is strictly black, white, and chrome) so the colors work really well together. 

Abbott Sectional

My guest room is small and no one lives there full-time, so I keep it simple. But recently, I started feeling like the space needed a pop of something extra. I ended up swapping out a simple headboard for a luxe upholstery with an interlocking nailhead design. This added softness and texture to the room with just a slight change. 

Alex Queen Bed

FYI: We’ll be posting more house tours here on THE blog, so stay tuned! 

xo, clea + joanna

Meal Prep Cutting Board

Our jaws dropped when we discovered this cutting board. It has containers that slide underneath, so you can chop your food and instantly store your pre-prepped items in the cute containers that come with it. We love this for prepping and storing items for kids lunches, plus it comes with graters for prepping cheese and more.

THE Rating: 10/10, our minds still are blown by this one!

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Pizza Storage Container

Another "why didn't we think of that moment" was discovering this pizza storage container via TikTok. This container has individual trays inside that each hold one slice of leftover pizza. When you're ready to reheat, pull the microwave-safe tray out and heat your pizza with ease.

THE Rating: 8/10, we love this so much but it's not an absolute must-have if your family doesn't have the local pizza place on speed dial like us.

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Ziploc & Foil Organizers

If there's anything we hate, it's a bunch of non-uniform boxes of plastics bags and aluminum foil shoved into a drawer. Enter: this amazing bag and foil organizer. We love using it with our labels to make drawer magic in 10 minutes flat.

THE Rating: 10/10, every kitchen needs this organizer. Period.

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Garlic Chopper
Drink Dispenser
Vegetable Chopper
Acrylic Cutting Board
Bagel Guillotine
Water Bottle Sorter
Herb Scissors
Jar Opener

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