The Edit Test: Best Kitchen Hacks

Things we tried and loved for serving meals and staying sane
The Edit Test: Best Kitchen Hacks
Welcome to our newest series—THE Edit Test, where we’ll be diligently testing products and sharing the best of the best for bringing form, function and fun into our homes. It’s no secret that we love the thrill of hunting down the perfect solution for an awkward corner cabinet or a special insert for a unique drawer height. This passion carries over to our online shopping pursuits (see: Clea’s late night shopping habit), and we just can’t keep our finds to ourselves any longer. For our first installment, we’re sharing the best kitchen hacks for saving time and making life easier. From one person who hates to cook to the next, these are our current must-haves for serving meals and staying sane.
Meal Prep Cutting Board

Our jaws dropped when we discovered this cutting board. It has containers that slide underneath, so you can chop your food and instantly store your pre-prepped items in the cute containers that come with it. We love this for prepping and storing items for kids lunches, plus it comes with graters for prepping cheese and more.

THE Rating: 10/10, our minds still are blown by this one!

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Pizza Storage Container

Another "why didn't we think of that moment" was discovering this pizza storage container via TikTok. This container has individual trays inside that each hold one slice of leftover pizza. When you're ready to reheat, pull the microwave-safe tray out and heat your pizza with ease.

THE Rating: 8/10, we love this so much but it's not an absolute must-have if your family doesn't have the local pizza place on speed dial like us.

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Ziploc & Foil Organizers

If there's anything we hate, it's a bunch of non-uniform boxes of plastics bags and aluminum foil shoved into a drawer. Enter: this amazing bag and foil organizer. We love using it with our labels to make drawer magic in 10 minutes flat.

THE Rating: 10/10, every kitchen needs this organizer. Period.

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Garlic Chopper
Fridge Drink Dispenser
Acrylic Cutting Board
Vegetable Chopper
Water Bottle Organizer
Herb Scissors
Jar Opener
Bagel Guillotine

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