Sumner Canfield's Self-Care Guide

When you think self-care do you think "Sumner Canfield"? No, I don't either and I am referring to myself here. While my self-care does not manifest itself in the typical ways (meditation, exercise, journaling) I do have strong opinions about skincare and general relaxation. So slap on a face mask, curl up on the couch with an ice cold Coca-Cola, and join me on my self-care journey.
Sumner Canfield's Self-Care Guide

1) Thistle Farms Body Butter

I once heard or read somewhere many years ago that the way people can tell your age is through your neck and your hands, not really your face because you spend so much time putting stuff on your face. And that fact, much like the Bermuda Triangle and quicksand, is a thought of childhood that really, really stayed with me, so I'm obsessed with keeping my hands moisturized. This Thistle Farms body butter is amazing because it's so thick. It's the last thing I put on before I go to bed. I really like the lavender scent because it makes me relaxed and sleepy. Also, on top of that, Thistle Farms is an amazing organization based out of Nashville. They are dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction by providing a safe place to live, a meaningful job, and a lifelong sisterhood of support.

$18.79 from whole foods

2) Nest Candle

I would say I live pretty solidly the floral arena when it comes to candles, but for whatever reason, the ocean mist and sea salt scent from Nest has been really speaking to me. I just think there's nothing like it getting dark, your work being done for the day, and decompressing by lighting a candle and turning on, you know, a great murder show.

$46 on amazon

3) Cleansing Brush

I'm very obsessed with skincare these days and have been using a cleansing brush on a daily basis. This one is a dupe of a much more expensive one, but works just the same. I just really like it because it makes my skin feel much cleaner than if I were just using my hands. The battery also lasts forever. You don't have to charge it for months and you can travel with it so you don't have to forsake any of your lovely skincare routine just because you are on the go.

*Side note: I got a very good tip once that you really shouldn't spend a lot of money on cleanser, so I just use something like Cetaphil from the drugstore and save my money for delicious potions and serums from Skin Pharm.

$17.78 from amazon

4) Skin Food

Skin Food is the only product I've found that keeps me moisturized but doesn't cause breakouts. It also comes in a squeeze tube, which means no scooping. I should also note that the price is right and it's sold at the drugstore. If I forget it on a trip, I can always find it somewhere.

$14.24 from amazon

5) Ice Roller

I like an ice roller because it cuts down on inflammation in your face and helps when you are puffy but also helps with headaches (Read: hangovers). The ritual of using it on top of a sheet mask fresh from the firdge is incredibly soothing. Doing it in front of a tv with a candle on is even better.

$18.99 from amazon

6) Coca Cola

Most normal adults like to come home from a really long day and unwind with a glass of wine, but I'm not a normal adult. When I need a stiff one, it's a Coca-Cola. The hierarchy goes as follows: fountain soda, glass bottle, alumnium can, and last (and definitely least) a plastic bottle. Nothing soothes my nerves more than the sound of coca-cola being poured over ice and taking that first sip from the straw.

$12.98 from walmart
white drinking glasses

Another key part of the Coca-Cola self care wind down is the feel of the glass in your hand. I love the weight of these glasses. They are also unbreakable and dishwasher safe.

$26.17 from amazon (set of 4)
Metal Straws

Fun fact: I refuse to drink Coca-Cola without a straw. Dental care is self-care! But I can't let my personal needs and desires totally EFF the environment so reusable/dishwasher safe straws are where its at.

$8.99 from amazon
mini ice cube trays

Ice is a critical component of the coca-cola experience. At some point in this life, I will have a pebble ice machine at my dispospal. But in the meantime, this tray fits the bill.

$20.99 on amazon

7) XL Heating Pad

Because I am 85 years old in mind, body, and spirit and am plagued by back pain and shoulder tension, a heating pad is key to me. A little mini heating pad is NOT it. I want to feel completely enveloped by the warmth. This pup hits your shoulder AND back at the same time. Incredible.

$34.99 from amazon

Do you have any unconventional self care tips you'd like to share with the rest of the class? I'm looking to expand my repertoire so leave a comment below.

Thoughts welcome!

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