The Must-Have Items That TikTok Made Us Buy

While some people might say that spending hours scrolling through TikTok is a waste of time, we’re not “some people.”
The Must-Have Items That TikTok Made Us Buy
Without TikTok, how would we have found the products we never knew we needed? From a paste that cleans literally *everything* to a hair tool that saves time, here’s what TikTok made us buy and why we’re happy about it:

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

“I don’t have a Tik Tok but when Clea sent this to me,  I just had to buy it immediately! It’s so cute and perfect for cleaning dust and crumbs from a desk drawer or any small space. It reaches all those awkward corners! I also love that it’s battery-powered so there are no cords to mess with!” 

- Joanna

Desktop Vacuum ($13)

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Cloud Pillow Slides

“Stella bought a pair….which means I had to buy a pair, too. They are even more comfortable than they look!”

- Clea

Cloud Slides ($24)

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Revlon One Step Volumizer

“This product is a no-brainer for me. I have 1,100 lbs of hair, which takes approximately 1.5 hours to dry when I use a normal hair dryer. I also don’t have the dexterity to hold a blow dryer and a round brush at the same time (that’s for someone else, not me). It just really dumbs it down.” 

- Sumner (Nashville)

Revlon One Step ($32.49)

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Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant

“I wasn’t sure if I believed the hype but then tried it and now I’m obsessed. My skin just feels smoother and looks brighter — even my friends are noticing! I’m so happy that this product is affordable because I plan to use it for a long time!”

- Libby (Nashville)

Paula's Choice Exfoliant ($29)

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The Pink Stuff

“It literally cleans everything. I use mostly kitchen items: baking sheets, frying pans, inside the oven. I use my scrub daddy (another item I found on TikTok!), a little water, the paste and some elbow grease. It literally makes anything look brand new!” 

- CeCe (Miami)

The Pink Stuff ($6)

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Braided Apple Watch Band

“This band is the best because it matches almost any outfit!” 

- Cierra (San Francisco)

Apple Watch Band ($99)

Amazon Option ($29)

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Skincare Fridge

“I'm obsessed with my skincare fridge. I keep all my moisturizers, eye patches, face masks, and gua sha rollers in it! Perfect for when you wake up puffy!” 

- Alli (Nashville)

Skincare Fridge ($50)

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Stanley Quencher

“My emotional support water bottle. It’s large and in charge, but the handle makes it easy to carry around with me all day. It does a great job at keeping drinks cold or hot, and just so you know: It comfortably fits 3 whiteclaws or *almost* an entire bottle of wine.” 

- Courtney (Nashville)

Stanley Quencher ($63)

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Mighty Patches

“I’m currently planning my wedding and the stress acne is real. I decided to try these patches since everyone on TikTok was talking about them. They really work! I put them on my breakouts before I go to bed and the redness is practically gone by morning.” 

- Emily N (Los Angeles)

Mighty Patches ($13)

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Ice Roller

“This ice roller is amazing! Instantly helps me depuff my face during allergy season or after a night out!” 

- Laurel (Washington D.C.)

Ice Roller ($19)

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Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter

“My new favorite foundation!!!! Thank you, TikTok! I love how smooth and lightweight it is, and leaves me with a natural glowy finish.” 

- Shaina (Nashville)

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter ($46)

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Gua Sha

“I’m obsessed with my gua sha! I’ve been using it every night for the past few months now, and my face has never looked better!” 

- Emma (Nashville)

Gua Sha ($8)

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Diva Wash

“I kept seeing influencers use diva wash on tik tok and I finally convinced myself to get it. I only use a little bit and mix it with unscented detergent and I will never go back. I’ve never had so many compliments on my scent in my life!” 

- Kenna (Nashville)

Diva Wash ($40)

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Simple Modern Water Bottle

"Absolutely LOVE this bottle! It came with two different lids, stunning color, and keeps my water cold all day long! I hate a bottle that doesn't fit in my car cup holder and sweats when ice is in it, and this bottle solves both of those problems! Their color selection is amazing and definitely buying three more colors asap"

Simple Modern Bottle ($26)

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- Lauren (Nashville)

Il Makiage Foundation

“It’s really creamy and it leaves my skin feeling soft without being oily and greasy!”

- Emily W (Nashville)

Il Makiage Foundation ($45)

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What are some items that TikTok made *you* buy?! Leave a comment below! 

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