Virtual DIY FAQ

Q: What do I get when I sign up for the virtual diy?

A: You will receive a PDF with the inspiration/concepts, a product shopping list, an organizational plan with directions on product placement, and THE special tips and tricks to put the finishing touches on your space.

Q: I want to get organized but it feels overwhelming. What space should I start with?

A: The great thing about diy is that you can take it at your own pace. One section of the closet at a time, one kitchen drawer at a time, or a whole space at once. You will have permanent access to the shopping list and plan we send you so you can work on it whenever you would like. Pantries are a great place to start because the purging process is less emotional there than in, say, an office or playroom.

Q: I want to get organized but I don't have a big budget for organizational product. Will this work for diy?

A: Our diy service offers a range of budgets from $0-unlimited. We can work within any parameters and make a huge impact!

Q: What constitutes a "space?"

A: Our drop-down menu lists the most common spaces we organize. If you don't see the space you're looking for, select other. Please note that we consider kitchens and pantries as separate spaces, and will require separate plans and shopping lists.

Q: When you ask for an inventory, how specific do I need to be?

A: The more detailed you are, the most tailored our organizational plan can be. For example, try to be more specific than "food" for pantry and "clothes" for a closet. While an itemized list with quantities is ALWAYS welcome, we'd at least like a list of all of the groupings in your space. (For a closet: work out pants and tops, dress pants, blouses, tee shirts, etc. For a pantry: pasta and grains, broths and stocks, cereal, granola, bread, crackers, chips, kids' snacks, etc.) If you have an inordinate amount of anything, that's fine! Just give us a heads up in your inventory.

Q: Do you only recommend products from your product line?

A: We recommend products from our line when they make sense and when they aren't the best option for your space, we don't! Most of our product recommendations come from The Container Store (which ships both domestically and internationally). If you are located in the UK or Canada - let us know. We are happy to make lists from Canadian Tire and John Lewis, as well.

Q: How long will it take me to organize my space once I've gotten my diy from you?

A: Again, the beauty of diy is that you can take it at your own pace and only work as long as you're having fun! For this reason (and because everyone lives in a different sized space with different things in it), there are no hard and fast rules about how long each space will take. We will say that kitchens tend to take longer (so many variables and moving parts) while linen closets, kids' closets, and mudrooms can go more quickly.


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