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Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag In Bag For Handbag Purse

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purse organizer insert for handbags Felt Purse Handbag Organizer Material: Felt Fabric Color: Beige, Red, Black, Grey, Coffee, Pink Six Colors for choose Internal Dimensions: Medium: (L)10.2*(W)5.1*(H)6.3 inches---Fits Speedy 30 perfectly Large: (L)11.8 *(W) 6.7*(H)8.3 ines---Fits Speedy 35 and Neverfull MM perfectly. X-large: (L)13.4*(W)7.1*(H)6.7 ines---fits Speedy 40 and Neverfull GM perfectly Design: 10 Pockets Organizer Purse, 4 exterior pockets, 6 interior mesh pockets speedy 25 Dimensions is:(L)9.8"*(H)7.4"*(W)5.9" speedy 30 Dimensions is:(L)11.8"*(H)8.2"*(W)6.6" speedy 35 Dimensions is:(L)13.6"*(H)9.0"*(W)7.0" Neverfull PM Dimensions:(L)11.2"*(H)8.6"*(W)5.1" Neverfull MM Dimensions:(L)12.6"*(H)11.4"*(W)6.4" Neverfull GM Dimensions:(L)15.5"*(H)12.8"*(W)7.9" Package:1pc x Organizer Bag purse organizer purseorganizer insert for handbags bag organizer tote bag organizer insert bag organizer for tote neverfull mm organizer purse organizer insert purse insert organizer tote organizer insert handbag organizer purse insert tote organizer small purse organizer insert tote bag organizer bag insert organizer for tote bag bag organizer for purse purse organizer insert for handbags


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