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Foil and Plastic Wrap Organizer

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  • Environmentally Friendly and Beautiful: This 2 in 1 foil and plastic wrap organizer with cutter is made of premium bamboo. Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic as it is a renewable resource and it will add style and function to your kitchen.
  • Get Your drawers Organized: No more messy broken cardboard boxes! Organize your different wrap rolls in a more convenient manner. Organizer can be hung on the wall, or put on your drawer or counter. 24 Labels included.
  • Fits Most Brands Plastic Wrap Dispenser with Cutter is compatible with Kirkland, Reynolds, Glad, Saran, Solimo and most brands, suitable for cling wrap, aluminum foil, baking parchment and wax paper, widths of 12” and less than 12” wrap rolls.
  • Kitchen wrap organizer aluminum foil holder with Built-In Slide Cutter - Innovative slide cutter to get the job done quickly and effortlessly! Just pull the wrap out from the dispenser, and then, slide the knob on your dispenser to cut it.
  • No Assembling Required: Our aluminum foil dispenser come fully assembled. 1 piece box tin foil organizer for drawer with 2 slots offers you different ways of organizing your wraps. Get your multiuse wrap and tin foil organizer for drawer today!


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